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*Does commissions dance* Riboo's Commissions!!!!!


Riboo's Commissions
About me: Hiya! Name's Ri (They/Them), I'm an Ace NB artist, I've been doing art since I was able to hold a pencil pretty much, and I think I never learned to let go of it ;P Now, I'm aspiring to work on becoming a full time artist as a career, so its time to get myself back out there in the world of COMMISSIONS!! Imagine there was an echo after that statement, hehehe. I'm something of an introvert, a offbeat goof and I consider myself a pretty hard worker when it comes to self discipline, but enough about me anywho, lets get to the important bits and the art!

Commissions Sheet:


Commission examples
Deviant art Gallery ll FA Gallery

Turnaround time:
AKA the big one that most people wanna know up front!
I work on a slot based system, ordinarily having five openings before I close my commissions up and pour my focus into getting them done, as a client of mine you should expect anything you've ordered within a week's time on your piece once I get to your spot in line. That being said, it usually doesn't take me anywhere near that long, this is more for expecting the unexpected as life is a bit messy like that sometimes. And yeah I'm looking at the calendar feeling like I never left 2019 XD

-I invoice you
-You secure your spot in line once the invoice is paid
-I work on your piece, send a sketch WIP
-Do any needed adjustments
-Continue on the piece until completion
-Ask for any color adjustments

Process for Customs and character sheets
-I invoice you
-You secure your spot in line once the invoice is paid
-I work on your piece and send WIPs at every stage
-Completion once you're happy with the piece

Commercial work
Any Commercial work you'd like, will be double the base cost of the commission!

Contact info:

At this point, if you're interested, you might want to contact me! I'm always on Discord so that's the fastest way to reach me!

Discord: Riboo#5557
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/riboo
Email: Riboodragon@hotmail.com

Please let me know if links break for one reason or another ^ ^;;
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