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Does love last forever?

For love to last forever, two (or more) people would need to find each other mutually useful, and more so than either side would be than if the label was reverted to 'just friends' or 'fuck buddies.' If you and your partner want each other for more than but including sex, then your relationship will last as long as that doesn't change. Love is just a word to win over the melty hearts.


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Romeo and Juliet did it.

By the way, care to explain just what love is, exactly? Everyone has a different view on this.


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Love exists.

Love might not last forever, though. It is possible for relationships to just turn into tollerable habit.


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Forever =/= a lifetime.


Sure, it takes effort. In most industrialized places though, I mean at least where I am from (an american city), people are too selfish and materialistic. Marriage is about serving the other person, but most people seem to marry with the desire to gain something out of it.


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Well I don't know. I think maybe our purpose as people is to test it as often and as long as we can.


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Well in make states in the USA, getting married is almost as easy as going to the drive-in chapel and having Elvis signing your nuptial papers. Divorce, in too many states, isn't much more difficult. Some conservatives, especially conservative Christians, bitch & whine about gay marriage destroying the "institution of marriage." As a divorcee, I can say with experience that the institution of marriage in this country was destroyed long, long, long ago and is little more than a sad joke today.

Love can last a lifetime. But it requires a lifetime of commitment from both partners. If only one partner's putting in all the effort, then the relationship needs to be fixed or it simply won't last. Today, people seem to have forgotten that. Our culture loves to teach a fantasy of effortless, lifetime love to kids while celebrating scandalous, tawdry affairs. Is it any wonder than so many people fall in love, get married & 5 years later have an affair with the mailman when the "love is gone" rather than do what it takes for the love to stay in the first place?


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It's possible, but it depends if the person really means it or not. Trying to show love by yelling and beating up isn't showing love, that would be showing who is the alpha in the cruelest way.

If a guy meant it, that would be like not wanting to hurt the person, or not forcing them into something they don't want, maybe then it could last forever which is in the moment of time.
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love is a lie and everyone dies alone in misery, pain and anguish


Back on topic so I don't get infracted, most of the early replies in this thread reflect my views on this. It depends on what kind of people you both are, and if you can learn to accept each other and your shortcomings.


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Life doesn't last forever, therefore, love doesn't last forever. However it could last a good amount of time if given the right situation.