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Does someone have the kindness to make my persona alive?


Drunk Sandslash
Hello, I'm back on FA since a long hiatus. I was thinking about rebooting one of my first persona to make it more modern. If you have the kindness for to make Sandpancake alive once again, that would be very appreciated. Just f'ow the description below

The orginale:

The description of the reboot:

By saying reboot I don't mean doing a remake of the persona, but creating a new character. I am thinking about a female sandslash instead of a male one, which would be WAY less fatter than the original: probably just a flabby belly cause despite being less fatter, she is very chubby.

Still talking about this chubiness, I see my new Sandpancake with very wide hips and being very generous for the breast size, like very very big. And of course, she still binge eating pancakes

Thanks a lot :)


Bitches love sticks
Ignore Alex K, sandslash. He's a troll.


Miss Fluffy Bottom
i whipped something up real quick. always enjoy a good pokemon gal.


Miss Fluffy Bottom