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Does the perfect mate exist?

my name is maxwell and i have been trying to find the perfect mate the is a nerd like me that has alot of stuff to talk about and little time to do so


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You're not going to be happy if you create a "perfect" set of standards for a significant other to fall into. You'll only limit your options and possibly offend potential boyfriend/girlfriends.

He's got a point man, "Perfect" doesn't exist.
Just finding someone you can spend more then 10 minutes with would be lucky
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Just keep talking to people, and if you're slightly interested in one then talk to them more, and more. Something may happen.


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"Perfect" doesn't exist in any field - it's an unreachable ideal. With some patience and an open mind you can find people who are surprisingly good matches, though.
You can definitely find plenty of nerds in and out of fandom, though. Like ZacAttackk says, talk to people and nurture relationships that seem to click for you.


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It all depends on how do you define perfect. People say heaven is a perfect place, well I wouldn't want to be laying in the clouds, drinking wine and eating for the eternity, it would get boring after a while.


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Perfection is an ideal that nobody can ever live up to. Don't seek perfection, you will not find it. Often times opposites attract. I know it's a cliche, but such cliche's exist for a reason. If someone is too similar to you the relationship can be very boring (unless that's something you both want.) If you both share all of the same interests, same views, etc. After the initial infatuation what is there really to talk about? Nothing, because you both agree entirely on every viewpoint and have all the same interests, which means aside from silent companionship you have nothing to offer one another. I'm not saying go out and find your polar opposite, just be aware that your best chance for success in a relationship is probably going to be someone who will probably share some things in common but might have quite a few different tastes than you. Relationships are about give and take. Nobody likes a leech, it's best when you each have something to offer.

The best way to find a mate is to not look for one. I'm serious. Focus on yourself and what you want to better about yourself and your situation. While you're busy taking strides improve yourself and your life- chances are you'll find a mate along the way.


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Part of being in a healthy relationship is learning to live with your partner's imperfections. If you're looking for perfection, you're doing it wrong.

I also second darien's point about not actively looking for a partner. If you can be happy being single, you'll more easily avoid settling for the first person available.

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Silly person you'll never find out if you don't make the effort to put yourself forward

No effort = >tfw no tq3.14 GF



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Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. If you truly love someone than you're going to think they are perfect, even with their imperfections ;3. If you can't love someone even for their flaws, than you shouldn't try to find someone to love, cause everyone has their imperfections.


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Yep! Here I am!

But in all seriousness, no. I have a mate I've been with for some years, and we get along well, but you also have to be willing to compromise; nobody is ever going to be a perfect match, and no person can magically fulfill all your social needs, or possibly even your sexual ones. Relationships are fun, and very rewarding, but they do take work.

But have hope, be yourself, keep looking, be social, and you're bound to meet somebody. I never thought I would, at one point, but looking back, I could have had any number of mates, in retrospect, had I not been as shy, at the time. Well, and fussy, and had more $ to travel.


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Yeah, I found her and she was taken from me. Now I'm dammed to walk the earth, tainted by bitterness with a bloodlust for vengeance...

Seriously though, no. I imagine it's possible to find someone who's a good match for you that will reciprocate the same feelings. I've come close a few times but no cigar.


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my name is maxwell and i have been trying to find the perfect mate the is a nerd like me that has alot of stuff to talk about and little time to do so
Same here. I'm not exactly a normal member of society, in the same way, I'm sure you are. So I'm just hoping I'm still eligible for a relationship XD


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It exists, but it takes time and no dating or marriage while waiting for it to happen. :3