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Does Trolls ever bother you?

We furries are very often targeted by random trolls who will say things like "you do unappropriated things with animals because you are a furry!" Sometimes they will even claim that you have autism because you're a furry. They don't really bother me personally I find them rather entertaining but then I am 21 years old and have been on the internet for a while. However, when I was younger trolls used to actually really hurt my feelings and even made me cry.

My question is: have trolls ever bothered you or hurt your feelings? And what do trolls usually say in an attempt to hurt you or make you angry? How do you respond?

I either play it cool or I play along to freak them out.


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Oh sure, that's been our lot since way back.

When I was a wee lad being a furry meant you were called a dogfricker, a horse-diddler, and worse by 9 out of 10 people who found out. 'Furry' meant 'degenerate' and was whispered as an insult long before it came to mean the furry community. I remember finding my first furry website in 2001ish (windows 98 owo) and being so happy to know I wasn't alone and yet so terrified someone would notice (library computer, couldn't afford my own). Found a short story on there and printed it, all 4 pages. Bravest thing I ever did. Still have it somewhere lol. And that was how things were before a certain chan went up and the wars that were waged against us in the early 2000s and everything else...

For me personally, there's nothing anyone can say I haven't heard a thousand times over so when it happens in some forum or channel somewhere its like hearing an old joke, one you remember being funny but now is so empty you can't offer more than a charity laugh for the nostalgia of the thing.

If anyone trys to hurt your feelings for being a furry, pity them: they are just trying to be cool for their friends and really don't know what they are talking about. Furrys run this show :)


Not really

I actually make fun of these trolls because they are obviously adults who act super childish for their age and try to be funny by making jokes about furries even tho furry jokes are so 2000.

Kinda fun seeing them get angry at me.
Love trolling trolls

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Trolls, I think, usually have deep seated mental issues that make them do what they do. Most just need love in their lives, because they live in hellish environments lacking in love. I pity them.

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Used to, but that was before I realized they are mostly likely a bigger looser than the one they're trolling.
Trolls, I think, usually have deep seated mental issues that make them do what they do. Most just need love in their lives, because they live in hellish environments lacking in love. I pity them.
www.google.com: Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists


Only when I seek them out, which I have stopped doing.

I get more bothered by Facebook memes, a lot of these 'positivity' memes you see form people can really fuck you up if you DON'T have a overflowing number of friends for support, my issue isn't social anxiety that tells me my friends aren't really my friends, I actually have very little friends.

the only conclusion I can make from these memes is that I am actually a piece of shit that no one likes


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I don't spend a lot of time on the Internet (and very recently joined the furry community) but there definitely some bad apples inevitably. The ones who you can tell that are just misinformed are worth a few minutes to educate but if that doesn't work, just don't react to them. Reactions are always something that keeps the troll going, whether they know it or not.


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They used to when I was like 13 because I didn't fully understand that they were trolling, but now they don't because usually their brand of trolling is just "haha ur a furry" and nothing else. So now I just make fun of them


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Eh, not really. I know that they're just misinformed, vitriolic, or, usually, memeing. I knew someone IRL who would joke about killing furries to my face, knowing I was a furry. People will have strong opinions about fringe groups, especially ones that contain some nasty folks like ours does.


Yes trolls bother me with their weird colorful hair, eyes and short odd appearance..... :] *thwap* Okay internet trolls are bad and for the most part disrupt conversations by adding caustic commentary to an already sensitive topic.


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I once got a troll try to mess with me due to my precise manner of speaking and I was very amused. They insulted me a lot but I just turned their insults back on them. "You suck" Indeed, I do have lungs and I do suck in air. I said things like that. They went after me for about an hour. Some people tried to report them for harassing me but the staff rightly said that since I did not offer any complaints that they would do nothing. I was disappointed when the troll ended up breaking an impersonation rule and got themselves banned. The person the troll impersonated was me.


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Even if trolls don't bother us personally I think we still have to make sure we report and get rid of them, because they do ruin some people's happiness, and I worry that they end up preying on people who might already be vulnerable, like folk who are on the autistic spectrum.

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Not particularly, now that real, honest evil is frolicking in the open. I can't be bothered to worry about a few bored kids looking for a laugh.
Never been trolled for joining the fandom but I guess I'm still new and unknown.
I used to be trolled on rare occasion in an unrelated forum but it never bothered me.

Never lose your composure with a troll. That's usually what they want. Instead of feeding the troll, I would calmly and politely correct any intentional misrepresentations, not to the troll, but to the rest of the audience reading the thread.


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Sometimes trolls bother me, but I try not to take it personally. Occasionally I'll need a social media vacation for a day or so just to deal with things. The best thing to do with a troll (or somebody who's trolling) is just not to respond. Keep moving on. The moment you respond they'll take it as an invitation to keep up the games. Mute/block, move on. You'll be happier for it.

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The thing with of people sometimes saying you have autism.. i actually do have a level of autism- but generally i can just ignore trolls, once i said "keep talking, it's more proof for the police" and they shut up and left after that xD and other times mods just ban them. They aren't too hard to deal with, a lot of the time they don't really hate you they just want to make themselves feel good by putting others down- especially when it's to an already misunderstood group.


No?, The furry ones are just stupid. The hellbent streams i watched had one who thinks yiff = zoophile and the main one go on dumb rant why all furry cons are sex pits because 1 con closed.


I get them on my discord server once in a while but thankfully I can ban them instantly. They hardly troll. Most of the time they just curse and use racial obscenities akin to a 12 year old playing Call of Duty.


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I actually make fun of these trolls because they are obviously adults who act super childish for their age and try to be funny by making jokes about furries even tho furry jokes are so 2000.
Nah. Furry jokes are still funny and relevant. Especially when most furries act exactly like the "stereotypes" they cry about "being inaccurate".