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Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?


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I've been thinking about giving my fursona the same disabilities/allergies that I have. Partly so people are aware of my irl allergies and limits, and partly because given his origins it would make since... at least imo.

So anyway, I was just curious. Does your sona have any disabilities or health issues? And if so, is it because you have them? Or are they just part of their backstory?

Mine is basically a crazy soul who in his joyful love for life is not great at reading social cues and lack restraint sometimes.


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It is an interesting question.
I am legally blind and have cerebral palsy in real life, but my fursona has neither. She has a scar over her left eye which is the eye I can’t see out of it but her vision is not affected notice she have a limp or dexterity issues as I do in real life. For Mia first one without disabilities is kind of an escape if you will. :)


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An unhealthy obsession with making people go to sleep. That's not a euphemism by the way. You have to be in bed by bedtime!!


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I'm autistic, so Zehlua is also autistic! Zehlua also has two wonderful service animals to help ease their anxiety:



Well my main OC has severe dyspraxia, HFA and needs meds to keep her OTT powers in check. All while being the leader of a christian sub section that deals with people who died and walked in to light.

Based on a darkly comic thought that even gods by human standards still have issues.


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Steele suffers from episodic migraines---not as severe as my chronic migraines (+15 headache days a month. Criteria lists the span being at least three months but I have had them for several years), but severe enough to leave a noticeable impact on his quality of life. Aside from that and a few considerably bad mental afflictions, namely bipolar disorder and a crippling fear of vulnerability, being cold-blooded just straight up doesn't do him many favors
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Mine doesn't have any serious issues, but he does have some PTSD. I normally have this from past experiences, but it was formed differently. Also autism. They always used to say when I was younger that I had it, and that it was the reason certain things I didn't get right away were because of it. He might have a little bit of split personality disorder as well, also one of my conditions.


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I just obtained my first fursona, which is an adopt that I commissioned a minor change to. The artist drew the character as blind, and I'm debating whether I want to actually have the character be blind, give them some kind of adapted ability like magical/spiritual sight, or just have them be a sighted character with unusual looking eyes. In real life I used to wear glasses, for most of my life, but actually outgrew the need for them, which is rare but sometimes happens; I was very fortunate according to my optometrist. I'm a visual artist and compulsive reader, so a character who can't see would be a huge change for me. On the pro side I think it would be interesting to explore the differences, on the con side if I ever wanted to fursuit or roleplay my sona it could prove very challenging.


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I don't have a fursona - my persona is human and looks like the picture to the left - but she has bipolar II disorder, mild cerebral palsy from a premature birth and autistic spectrum disorder.

Also, I have bipolar II disorder, mild cerebral palsy from a premature birth and autistic spectrum disorder. The cerebral palsy mostly manifests as bad handwriting, the inability to grow pectoral muscles and a weird gait in my walking that wears out shoes prematurely. The bipolar disorder is well controlled by medication and the autism is mostly just being terrible at small talk.

I write characters I'm close to, but not actual personas I identify with, who have problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and substance abuse. I write really, really ugly contemporary fantasy where people have real problems and where the magic only complicates it. They don't fight vampires with katanas, they cut themselves with razorblades while listening to Korn because ghosts won't leave them alone.
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Taking I’m autistic will I say no.

In story for the OC version of Asaroth though is only disabled in not being able to use magic despite coming from a family line of powerful magical users.
While I have disabilities irl are those more reserved for my human characters where I have a set of many types of people. From a one armed veteran with PTSD to someone with only amental illness or only a physical disadvantage.
My furry characters is bodywise and mentally doing better than my humans


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not really, he is just me so he has some of my illnesses. but like him it is not disease but just part of the way he is.
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My persona has PMDD (major episodes of hopelessness, depression and not being able to function 100% normal) despite being an optimistic idealist.
Other OC's have things like survivor's guilt, PTSD, anxiety, autism, narcissism and so on. But then again, my main story ties in fantasy with these mental illnesses.

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Does mild acrophobia count? (I say mild because he plays Chaser on the Hogwarts Hufflepuff Quidditch team)


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My fursona is a work in progress, but he's a vampire bat mix who moved out of a primarily nocturnal city for better opportunities. He tends to be an insomniac. Working a day shift job takes a toll on his health and disrupts his circadian rhythm. He also used to sleep upside down back home, but currently sleeps on a bed in his current environment, and this does not help his condition.
Ascendant like me has a lot of anxiety and seasonal depression that can go completely overboard at times. Also just struggles to know what she's really got disorder wise. But she hates labels.


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One of my recurring characters, Dallgun Tariss, has a whole grab-bag of issues.

Wracked with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and survivor's guilt from his military career during the dark days of the Extinction War, Dallgun has just as many mental scars as physical. His lower right leg was destroyed by the knee by enemy heavy weapons fire, and he now makes use of a cybernetic prosthesis. He's also beginning to suffer from arthritis and spinal stenosis, both due to his age and his strenuous history.

Like many older soldiers in the Federation's grim postwar reality, he keeps his mental issues to himself as best he can -- everyone suffered just as much, and rather than reopen old wounds for one another they suffer in silence, much to the chagrin of mental health professionals. Dallgun in particular attempts to assuage and atone for his perceived sins by throwing himself headlong into service with Local Defense and other public works initiatives.

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I hadn't really thought of this for character building before, but I fashioned Avery after myself, so depression. I'm planning a couple more OC's tho, now I'm definitely gonna put some thought into this.


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I haven't really thought about it but I think that it'd make sense for my fursona to have my mental health challenges as well.
So, I guess ADD, Anxiety, Stress, Functioning Depression, and sometimes issues with Self-Control.

All of which I can, unfortunately, say that I have... It makes her feel like she is more somehow... I dunno...


Like in real life Sizer my Feathersona its hald blind in one eye and impaired in the other. But unlike real life i dont use a cain

sizer looks kinda lika a pimp and in a way he kinda is lol