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Does your fursona have any disabilities or health issues?


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I have a few 'sonas, and one of them is mentally ill, if that counts, because they're crazy and full of bloodlust.


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I'm horribly allergic to all animal fur, so Dergen has the same. As he is an extension of me, but ingesting fur, he has no problem with, (he's quite the voracious Dragon)


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Like @StolenMadWolf, my fursona has autism spectrum disorder like me.
This was something I only recently decided, but I figured that if Nora is supposed to be "me" then it only makes sense that she's autistic. Lol


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Like me, my sona has depression but doesn’t act like he does in the least. Also like me, he has avoidant attachment and a slight limp.


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My fav sona right now is aspie like myself, but the surface detachment and stims dialed up a touch. He also has uncomplicated PTSD.


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I've projected a lot of myself onto my boy Blue- it feels good to see yourself in your art and use it as a healthy coping mechanism to work through emotions and problems in a safe environment. Boy has bpd, bipolar, ptsd, lung problems due to smoking, and is an alcoholic+addict. He has a rough go of things, but it makes me feel a little less alone to give him friends and lovers who see beyond things that he perceives as character flaws. If he can recover, grow, attain sobriety, create, have close personal relationships, and find meaning in life despite the things that make his progress a bit more rocky and slower, so can I : -)


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My sona doesn't share my real-life cerebral palsy disability. She's also more confident and not concerned with other people's opinions of her, happy with her chub.


Ivan Bradanska: Asperger's, HFA, social functioning though.

Amanda Bradanska: Some form of paranoia, more than likely OCD.

Grief Bradanska: ADD

Scylla Bradanska: ADHD, or some sort of learning disorder.

Aurelia Bradanksa: Paranoia, psychic powers cause her to be sensitive to the supernatural.

Tyrenous Bradanska: Aspergers, to the point of being asocial.

Wanda Bara: A bad leg (skeletal)

Polyphema: Has only one eye, so bad depth perception.

Balta Baldrova the Wolf: Born mute.

Sherly Perwinkle the Cat: Sociopathy, PTSD. Has tinnitus ever since that artillery shell hit near her trench.

Chronic Gigantism is an understatement in my lore.

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Bringing this back up because I'm trying to figure out the health issues (and scars, but the thread for those is more than six months old so I'm combining efforts) for one of my OCs.

I know the character was homeless for his first decade, I'm aware that such a thing results in some SERIOUS cognitive setbacks (he has a huge tendency to downplay any form of sickness and has some trouble asking for help, due to past traumas)... but I'm trying to think of the physical setbacks and I want him to have both decent cardiovascular function AND full use of his limbs. I'm not sure what health issues or scars are appropriate at that point.

(I'd like ideas BEFORE I invoke any part of said OC being a possum.)


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Yes. I consider my sona to be a direct representation of myself.
Central Sensitivity Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and all.
They all play a massive role in who I am now and quite frankly CSS heavily dictates what I can and can't do in my life.


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My main sona is nonverbal, and my other furry OC tied into him is HOH with a cochlear implant! The HOH sona’s implant was what helped detect my main one in his origin, however, due to picking up strange radio frequencies from his location.

My main sona never really bothered to learn how to speak, nor does he care to. They’re more thematic than directly correlated to me.


The shadow version of my main fursona (not the character in my avatar) is disabled in a way.

Most of his tail was lost in an accident, his colors were stolen, his wings were torn off early in life, and where his wings once were attached are scars. He's canine, but with his truncated tail and fluffy ear tips some assume that he's a kind of lynx. It isn't obvious to others that anything is wrong, however. Lynxes are cool, so he works with it, but his true form has wings, colors, a nice tail, and is more obviously canine. The main version represents his actualized self, whereas the shadow version represents making the best of bad situations and pressing forward despite setbacks.


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Constantine has a handful of things:

- He's missing both eyes. I'm still undecided as to whether he ever had them in the first place. He manages though, because Carnivorans typically have a good sense of smell.

- He's missing the left half of his lower jaw. The area around it is heavily scarred so he definitely did have it originally.

- He's got several chipped teeth. I've characterised him as incredibly aggressive and Hyenas are adapted to crush bones so three guesses how this happened.

- He's only got one leg. Because pirate aesthetic.


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Eremurus has a genetic birth defect resulting in 5 fingers; however Tauren typically have 3 fingers.

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Honestly as far as I know neither I nor my fursona has a form of disability so I didn’t add one.
Jokingly speaking I could say “yeah his disability is he’s a demon.” But otherwise, nah.
I can’t exactly think of what he’d have if he’d even have one and I’d rather not shoe horn it in out of respect of others since I lack knowledge on a lot of some.

Only thing close to a form of disorder a character has is the fact like two have PTSD mostly due to serving in war but one has his triggered very often. And I’d honestly say the same one has some others but I’m not really sure if it is an actual “disability” or “disorder” and him just being very selfish.

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my disability is living among the humans.

you're annoying some times but i just can't take you seriously with your cute little eyes you big dum-dums aw.


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Lupin, my werewolf, is autistic, just like myself in real life. I have a hard time understanding and connecting with people due to my mental disability, and I have been told I appear down-to-business and serious when I interact with others. To me, it wouldn't make sense for my fursona to be more "peppy" than real-me is.

Also, being a werewolf is somewhat of a metaphor for being autistic. Being a person with autism can leave you feeling alienated and different from other people. That is something I have always felt ever since as a child, and admittedly, it has caused me anguish. I hated that I was different, and I just wanted to be normal and fit in like everyone else.
With Lupin, him being a werewolf, half man and half wolf, leaves him feeling alienated from other human beings, just like I feel irl. He has a hard time understanding and connecting to other people, and he has somewhat animal-like reactions to people and situations. He finds he is most connected with nature, and he prefers being alone in the wilderness. However, he values those he considers his pack, and he is grateful that he finds such a deep connection with them.

EDIT: Both my fursona, and I irl, are prone to symptoms of psychosis, such as hallucinations and delusions. Though, I am not sure if I actually do have traditional psychosis, and I am not sure if it constitutes as a disability so much as a mental disorder.

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i wouldn't call myself an introvert but other people do. i'm just kind of a slower-paced individual.
i've had people say i've got autism but i don't really think so.
i just think i have more of an old soul and people just can't relate nowadays.