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Does your fursona have any scars?



Does your fursona have any scars from accidents, combat, etc? (I'm referring to physical scars)
This can range from cut scars, surgery scars, burn scars, or permanent bruises.

La'sari has a little scar on her cheekbone from a swordfight.
She has multiple bruises that won't go away after being punched and slammed by a huge guy (I swear he uses steroids) before we both fell through a hole in the roof, down 4 stories. Hit her head on a wooden beam, would've been worse if she didn't use the buff dude to break her fall.
And as a child, a chicken scratched her across her stomach...


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Mines has a scar across the bridge of his nose and his left cheek. He says he got it from fighting off bandits to sound cool but the reality is that he got it from smacking himself in the face trying to learn how to do tricks with his weapons.


Doormat came into contact with some weird chemicals, so she has strange blisters on one of her ears. Don’t worry, it’s probably not contagious.