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Does your fursona have tattoos?

Does your sona have tattoos? Are they the same as yours in real life, or tattoos that you'd like to get? Maybe they're just pretty art! Either way, show me/tell me about them!! :D

Jackpot Raccuki

Nope, I don’t have a dice on my chest in real life, granted I suppose it’s technically not a tattoo but a form of branding he does as a demon boi.

I think the only character who I have who does have a tattoo is a dragon, but that’s mostly because it made more sense because no fur.
His tattoos are meant to be yellow lightnings over his body, mostly since he goes by “DJ Lightning”

Otherwise I planned for my bounty hunter maned wolf to have one but never did, which would consist of him and his close female friend.
Mostly say this coz he’s gay so he has no attraction, just very good friends since they were young.


Woofer artiste
I have same as in irl. So to make it easy for me, I´ll just take the original design and scan it in and slap it onto my ref sheet xDD Its on my left wrist, made the design myself


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
No. I don't like tattoos myself. And aside from that, they wouldn't be possible with such long fur.


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
Now i am wondering how this would work with scaled characters

Nexus Cabler

Strong independent black dragon
I have markings, but not tattoos


Legendary Shaman
Just markings, no tattoos. :)

I'd really like to get an adult female fursona at some point and have her tatted up. Nothing specific- just pretty stuff. I don't have a sona to draw in super sexy feminine poses. Well- there's my main Ty, but I wanna draw jiggling bouncing boobies lol!


Resident Edgelord
Steele has a semicolon tattoo/birthmark on the same wrist as I do! It's something that meant a lot to me and it felt incomplete not adding it to my fursona