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Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you?

Is your sexuality the same?

  • Yes

  • No

  • My fursona has no sexuality

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Hey hey! A thread somewhat like my last, but this time, regarding sexuality! Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you? Why or why not? For those of you who have a sona who is of a different gender, how does that affect their sexuality? (For example, if you’re a gay male, but your sona is female, would she be a gay female or a straight female?). Does your sona even have a notable sexuality?

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!


Haters Gonna Hate
Dragon me has no sexuality. Puny mortals.

Fotter me is in a comitted relationship with a straight male wolf.

I predict this thread is going to get weird....
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Woof? Woof
Yes, he share my sexuality. It's currently straight, but who knows.

Le Chat Nécro

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Yes? Kind of?
I identify as bi. Edelweiss, if forced to choose a label, would probably be pan.

Which I know to some people is splitting hairs. :p


yes... why wouldnt it
i dont use any label though, im tired of having to explain "straight but with one exception for a very feminine and very beautiful lizard boy"

Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
I identify as asexual, so does my fursona; that made me wonder whether I'd pick 1st or 3rd. Chose 1st either way, I thought it would make more sense.
yeah, i think the 3rd option assumes that you have some form of sexual attraction while your sona is completely non-sexual(ized)


honestly I just kinda picture him as a relatively non romantic unfuckable being so I’ve never really given him one? He’s just sad and alone and shrivels up at the slightest affectionate touch with no preference either way! :’D


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Yep, definitely. And this can certainly be confirmed by my imaginative RPs...the sensual parts are definitely informed by things I like IRL, and a creative extension of them...and thus far have always been male/male, something I can't see changing. Besides, we all know that girls smell funny...and have cooties! :V


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My fursona and me share the same sexuality. Meaning we are both bi.
Well I have a have four different masks so I decided I needed four fursonas. 1 is Asexual, 1 is Straight and 2 are Pansexual. So I guess half of them represent my real sexuality.


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I'm a little perplexed by the idea of a "fursona" as people describe them. I'm not a furry, I don't identify as one, I'm not necessarily part of the community in any way other than having an FA account where I post artwork or engage in roleplay activities where some of my interests happen to overlap with the furry fandom.
I've always been under the impression that a fursona, as you'd expect from the word itself, is a sort of persona meant to represent a person if they happened to be an anthropomorphic animal. Am I correct in that assumption? And if so, why is it so common to have multiple "fursona"s? At what point is it just an OC? Do people use the words "fursona" and "OC" interchangeably? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'm legitimately a little confused and curious to know.

All that aside, I don't have a "fursona", but I have plenty of characters who are all typically quite different from me as a person- and while I'm asexual, I tend to interpret their respective sexualities as being entirely up in the air unless something presents itself as plausible, or the way the character develops in personality and story seems to lean in a specific direction. I guess in a way, the characters figure it out for themselves and I'm just along for the ride.


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We're both asexual... So yes c: but at the same time no because we both have no sexuality... Sooo :v