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Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you?

Is your sexuality the same?

  • Yes

  • No

  • My fursona has no sexuality

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Le Chat Nécro

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I'm a little perplexed by the idea of a "fursona" as people describe them. I'm not a furry, I don't identify as one, I'm not necessarily part of the community in any way other than having an FA account where I post artwork or engage in roleplay activities where some of my interests happen to overlap with the furry fandom.
I've always been under the impression that a fursona, as you'd expect from the word itself, is a sort of persona meant to represent a person if they happened to be an anthropomorphic animal. Am I correct in that assumption? And if so, why is it so common to have multiple "fursona"s? At what point is it just an OC? Do people use the words "fursona" and "OC" interchangeably? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'm legitimately a little confused and curious to know.

All that aside, I don't have a "fursona", but I have plenty of characters who are all typically quite different from me as a person- and while I'm asexual, I tend to interpret their respective sexualities as being entirely up in the air unless something presents itself as plausible, or the way the character develops in personality and story seems to lean in a specific direction. I guess in a way, the characters figure it out for themselves and I'm just along for the ride.
I use the term loosely, myself. While Edelweiss isn't just me as a cat, she is my primary character, shares a decent amount of personality traits with me, and is my default way of presenting myself in the fandom. She is a face that I wear while goofing around here. So I refer to her as my fursona. Some people do just make their fursona a 1:1 representation of themselves, but I also think a lot of people do what I do and just use a favored OC in the same capacity as a 'sona. If that makes sense.

And I think that the multiple 'sonas thing is half because people are using the term interchangeably with OC- which is fine, language morphs and evolves over time- and half because most people make really boring characters as is. Like, all of me is pretty meh, but if I just hone in on the snarky yet insecure bitch part, isolate it, and tweak a few things? That's a pretty interesting character. And there are lots of sides to people. We can all be brash and shy and larger than life and dark and cheerful and all kinds of things. So it can be fun to tease that into multiple characters that each represent one version of "you" and use them when it makes sense. And considering that most sonas end up being idealized versions of the self, or who they want to be, it's easy to make multiple to just cover everything.

But back on topic, though, particularly since Edelweiss is not me, I did not set out to give her the same sexuality. It just sort of happened while fleshing her out that I was like "well this just makes sense". I have other characters who are straight and ace and I'm sure I'll make more of various other things later.

zyther kaldrok

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im bi hyena boy. even though i gravitate towards men more
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He has no concept of that, as his nerve bundles do not support the patterns required.

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Nah. I'm way more deranged than he could ever be.


I'm bi, and Caio might be a little bit, too, but he definitely leans more towards men. (like probably a 5.5 on the kinsey scale)

I'm going to have more than one fursona, though, and I think one will align more in both gender and sexuality one day.


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Not at all. Real me is bisexual, but fursona me doesn't even have any sexual organs, much less reproduces normally.


We share the same sexuality, but that sexuality isn't emphasized. They'd like to find a nice lady to marry someday, not yiff everything that moves.

I have other characters with more interesting sex lives, but they don't represent who I am as a person.

Galatur René

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Well my fursona and I are both technically bi.
I lean heavily more towards dating men.
My fursona leans heavily more towards dating women.
This is because I have always wanted to be the prince charming in a person's life, and while this may be due to internalized homophobia (if that's a thing), but I feel like the prince charming trope really works better with straight couples.
It just so happens that this prince charming is a human-sized anthro vampire bat that can shrink into a bat sized anthro vampire bat.
I will give. It doesn't "just so happen" I might simply be...
a furry.


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I think of myself as bisexual with a male lean, but my sona is too focused on dating sim games and drawing to be attracted to anyone.


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I kept their gender ID and sexuality the same yeah. It’s part of me, and sonas (to me) need to basically be representations of me somehow.


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My fursona's still in development, but as with all my characters they at least start with "ace unless stated otherwise" bc if others aren't giving ace pals visibility, I sure as fuck am gonna 8) (possibly different parts on the ace spectrum tho)

Laugh Kita

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Yes she does, we're both pansexual.
My main one does! We're both lesbians.
My two secondary ones kinda do? One is straight, but hes a boy so... We both like girls still? The other is Bi.

But TBH all of my characters like girls, regardless of their gender


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I think I'm asexual. Whether Kioku is or not she doesn't bother with that stuff anyway so I said it is the same.


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I’m straight IRL, but my sona is bisexual. :p

Male furries FTW :V