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Doesnt "furry fan" sound better then "furry"?


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It's like the same way anime fans call themselves otaku. I don't really think it matters what we call ourselves. Adding fan to it is kind of pointless.

Everyone knows what you are a fan of the moment you say it.

Otaku = Anime and manga fan (At least in the west in Japan otaku has a different meaning sorta but besides the point.)

Furry = Someone who is a fan of anthro animals

Whovian = Someone who is a fan of Doctor Who

The list goes on with stuff like that. You don't need to add fan.


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I guarantee you not every anime fan calls themselves otaku. Otaku is, like Whovians, a certain subset of people within the fandom.

Okay, I should have added some. But the point still stands the same that is what a lot go by and it isn't bad going by such things.

I call myself an otaku and Whovian nothing wrong and nothing to get mad about either.

Massan Otter

I'd prefer "furry" to "furry fan". A big part of the appeal of the fandom to me is that it's so participatory, something we create for ourselves rather than simply appreciating existing works. So I think of it as something to do or to be, rather than just to be a fan of. I dunno, does that tilt me towards the lifestyler end?