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Doggo unleashed (only in the feilds otherwise I could get hit by a car)

Dogs and cats should get along

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Hey my names swagasuriusrex, I like long walks on the leash, chasing my tail and scooby snacks.
New to the site just looking for some fellow doggys to get to know, maybe grab a quick kibble maybe a cheeky butt sniff or we could go mark our territory.
Unpopular opinion but it’s 2019 lets end this cats vs dogs war and cone together xD
Woof woof


I'm a hot dog
Fur missile small.jpg



I pounce i bounce.
Welcome to the forums.
If you want to get along with cats that's fine with me. :Ic
Plenty of cats around though. Opinions may vary.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hello dog! Do not worry...I won't spray ya!

yet :p