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Free Art: Doing a few art freebies!


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Heyo! I figured I'd do a few art freebies! These will probably vary in complexity depending on what I feel up to doing and if I find a character I really like! (I will most likely not be going in order and most likely won't get to everyone!)

You can see some examples of my art here! But if you don't feel like looking, here's a few recent favorites! ^^

I don't have much to say other than that! Please only give SFW references! Feel free to make specific requests, and also please note if you're ok with gore art! (I may not do any of this, just wanted to leave the option open!)


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Thanks a lot for the opportunity, got some decent artstyle! ^^
How about this fella? I guess it'd be fun to see pretty much anything that suits his con artist personality, but if it's fine, the inclusion of footpaws could be appreciated :3

And sorry, not exactly into gore ^^

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
I really like the way your art looks! Very interesting and with a unique style as well! I have no proper refs, but I do have something and a description to work with!

I've just been wanting someone to try and draw this OC of mine, Nyx the Cat. Basically, he's just a skinny black cat with a red scarf and the standard yellow and black eye color. That's pretty much it. Here's a general idea of one!


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Hi there! I love your art. Could you possibly draw my fursona, Annabelle?? Here's her ref sheet, plus more images for reference. And I'm not particularly fond of gore art...


Halloween’s nearly here!!
I thought I’d ask if you could realise my fursona
I’d like an image of me standing tall
Bass guitar in my paws
Tail curved around my legs (lovely and fluffy)
Red colour with white markings, like an inverse okami
Use this image of one of my fave musicians for inspiration

If you will I would love to see your interpretation


Hello, I was wondering if you could do a freebie for me?
A sketch or something more but I have a sketch drawn by a friend as a reference and I was wondering that at the very least you could essentially re-draw it in your own style?
RE: Ok not on a clock anymore so I would have time to lay out some specifics but still in a pm somewhere.

Thanks for your attention. =)
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Hi! You're welcome to use any of my four characters!


Full resolution + more art and deets on my FA page

From left to right:

- Constantine, the Brown Hyena. He's very much the archetypal pirate, except without the enthusiasm. So you're just left with an aging, probably cannibalistic, heavily scarred sailor who threatens people at the beach. If you're gonna do gore, I'd prefer you choose him - half of his jaw is missing, he's only got one leg and he doesn't have either eye.

- Stephanie, the Carpathian Lynx. She's my oldest, and main fursona. She's a total cinnamon bun who loves to read and write, and mostly keeps to herself because A N X I E T Y. She's mostly based off me.

- Zalifa, the Red Ruffed Lemur. They're a Glam Rock Musician, inspired by Bowie. They're my newest character, so details are scarce. Technically their name is still being voted for but Zalifa is beating Tsiraka by almost twice as many votes.

- Iza, the Oncilla. She's intended to be the opposite of me and therefore Stephanie, but she gets all my childhood trauma too. So to summarise - tiny kleptomaniac ball of daddy issues. Like @EmeraldWuff 's Jefferson, she's an accomplished con artist too.