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Doing a reference sheet or two, plus some icons.


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I need reference sheet examples for my commissions, so I'm offering to do one or two for you guys!

My examples:

Right now I'd say I'm most comfortable with anthro characters, but I can definitely give ferals a shot (especially if they're more of a cutesy, cartoon style!)

I love drawing facial expressions too, so I'm thinking I'll do one regular turnaround sheet and one expression sheet? Or maybe combinations of both, depending on how much I can get done!

I'm also thinking of doing some headshot avatar requests. If you'd like one of those, send me the dimensions of the avatar you'd like and a ref of the character.

Post below or send me a note if you'd like a ref sheet or an avatar done :D
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I could really use a proper ref sheet for Shira http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16490577/
I just want to ask if her tail can end in more of a tip, like an otter or have it appear more meerkat like since she is being confused for a cat.


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Ahh I'd soo appreciate if you consiered my Tigress! She's my one and only fursona, and a ref sheet would be amazing! An icon would be awesome, too if you were more inclined! I don't mind the size if you don't mind me resizing it c:

Tigress is a tiger/phoenix shapeshifter that favors her tigress anthro form with long light brown hair with red/orange tips and bright aqua/green eyes. When she doesn't have her wings out, they become tattoos on her upper back, and can be seen on her deep orange fur.

A bit on her personality-- Tigress follows the traditional Phoenix religion of her Mother's people and worships the Fire goddess, building small bonfires at dusk and dancing around them, often pulling innocent passerby into her dances and keeping them until they're sufficiently happy and humming her songs as they walk away. She likes to wear loose, thin, almost see-through material, often only as a bikini-like top and skirt, and has a few piercings in her ears and a tongue stud. She likes wearing bracelets and anklets that jingle as she dances.

I have one color reference of her, here's a link-- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16504291/

Thank you so much for your consideration!! <3


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A reference sheet would be great!
I'd love one of this girl. http://toyhou.se/70473.magdalena
Her emotions change constantly due to her childish nature > w <
But if you don't want to do a reference sheet of her then an avatar of any dimensions would be fine :'3


I would looooooooove a reference sheet of Ceryadne (deer/bull sona)


She is very new, but I have no other art of her other than this, and it doesn't show her full back marking or her other thigh marking. Your consideration is appreciated!


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I need a ref sheet if I am ever going to get free art. Red fox (species, Fur color red-orange) with black in any spots that would normally be white. This includes ears, chest, lower mouth region, etc. Iris color: Red. SFW, please. Clothes (optional): relaxed fit blue jeans, blue Chuck Taylor high tops, Iron Maiden or Megadeth t-shirt, black belt with round metal studs, belt buckle with the Star Fox logo on it. Ray-Bans covering eyes.


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im new and dont even have a reference sheet or examples to go of of but if you want to go off of my description i would love you forever ^_^
im a feminine average sized androgenic Ursa/bear. pink and blue. snake bites on my lower lip with both ears peirced. and i have a nose ring ( me in college XD )
not above cross dressing and not a prude :p so other than that creative freedom is cool. it would really help me to have some reference material. thankies