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Doing all kinds of commissions today ♥


New Member
Hey all,

I'm super new to to this. I did this once last summer and then got super busy, but I'd like to start again.
I apologize ahead of time. I don't have a lot of experience selling commissions.


Examples of Pokemon fan art and larger versions of the examples below:
Dingone on DeviantArt
Userpage of NingoDingo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

For the first 3 commissions, I'll be giving a $5 discount because I have so few examples available. With the commissioners consent, I'll be using the art I make for them as future examples

Busts (collar bone and up): listed Below
Torso and up: $25 rough | $35 flat color
Full Body (or ref sheet): $45 rough | $60 flat color
Portraits - Full paintings with light, texture, and background: $75

All prices depend on complexity, but so long as you don't make me render 40 tarnished bronze piercings, I won't charge you more than the listed price.
I'm lenient with content, I don't care what I draw so request away if you have specific expressions or -erhem- poses you'd like.

I'll be doing small character doodles today, but I might not be online consistently. My phone will be near though, so email me at:
with any questions. Or post. Whatever.