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(Commission) Selling: Doing cheap commissions to get myself back in the game (°u°)


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Wanting to get back into doing commissions, havent done any in 5 years!

My prices are discounted and I will keep them as so until further notice

My rules are simple
- I have the right to refuse for any reason
- no refunds after completion
- 70% of price is due before initial sketch is finished, the rest is due before completion of entire

I will draw
- all sorts of animals, quad or anthro. If I'm not comfortable with the animal I will let you know
- NSFW, all genders, sexes, and couple types
- all genders and sexes in general
- make a reference based on written descriptions

I dont have many references as I just got my ipad so that's why I'm looking to expand my portfolio. uwu

All commissions will be fully colored, shaded and detailed.

Head shot


Will look something like this.
Price : $5 USD

Half body

Price : $6 USD

Full Body

Price : $8 USD

Reference sheet
Will include :
- Full body
- two head shots of two different emotions of your choice
- close up of eyes
- color palette
- name, species, age, gender, height and weight if desired, short list of likes/dislikes
I can work off a description of character or help you design a character.

Price : $12 USD

I take paypal only
Please allow up to two weeks for final product. But if low interest, turn around should be around 3 days or less.
Please note I have a full time job with the military so my schedule can change any moment. I will message any pending commissions and let you know if something changes u3u

Message me here or on my FA account rainek
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