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Doing Free Sketches

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Could I get a picture of a human character?


OKay then.

Orville has waist-length, violet hair. His eyes are orange in color and large. He has very effeminet features, and is often mistaken for a girl (You know, trim waist, high cheek bones, etc.) His skin is lightly tanned. He usually wears an ankle-length, sea-green dress. Sleeveless, with a black belt. He also wears black heels.

Also, if you want. He has a chocolate kitten, with black highlights and blue/brown eyes

Character belongs to my friend.


yukitochi said:
So I take you did get my request? Just wanting a bit of confirmation.

Yup, sure have. These couple requests are going to take more time, though. You know.. what with the two people and all. xP


SO I be in?


I'm a littile tied up atm
Hey, saw your thread, wonderin if i could make a request. ^^

Ok the pose will be my sona gripping a bottle with black liquid in it. On the bottle it should say 'Pomagranate' i do love the stuff. Holding it to teh side of his muzzle with a 'I love you' look on his face... Here's a few pics for ya, if need anything else just PM or ask me. Oh and can you give him some more modern clothing? like a shirt and some pants. but leave the little thing on his ear. Thanks!



He who shale be ignored...
Zerulu said:
Thietogreth said:
Zerulu said:
Thietogreth: I was joking. xD

Spikey: Yes, yes you can.

Few, thought mine wasn't being consider for a little while X3

Darn internet! With its lack of letting me show tone of my voice!

Yes, that would have given me a hint x3


New Member
Your style is so cute x3

still up for free sketches :3?
THink you can draw me x3?


theres probably the best refs I've drawn so far xD

I saw you do really cute ferals (which I can't seem to draw right at all xD) so can you maybe try drawing me as a feral =o?
If not then anything cute works xP

and consider yourself watched xD such a cute gallery :3


could i get one of my mate and i kissing
my referance pic is here
my mates is here

one thing to note would be size differance darkwolfe is 8' tall and equanox is 5'8"

Roiyaru Inu

Well seeing as your up to it. Here's mine

Welsh Corgi/German Shepherd/ Chocolate Lab mix. She's 5' 4" and very much a tomboy.
You can see all the markings. Exept that the black on her back goes from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail. X3
1st: love your icon ^.^
2nd: May I request an piccy?
I'm starting to collect pics to put up a reference page for my two fursona's. The link in my sig is a group my friend ish setting up for me. Soooo, if you wouldn't mind sketching up something to point out a feature on one of them?
Please and thank you ^.^
Im with Silenced Emotions. I like your icon too.
May I get a sketch?
My character Riley looking cute and innocent? but with a mischevious look in her eye?


Just an FYI: I'm doing this stuff between assignments and when I'm not out.. having a life. So um.. these are kind of few and far between. When I upload these, they'll be on my FA account. Also, the kissing requests are starting to piss me off just a bit. :| Nothing personal, of course, I just don't want to be drawing the same poses 2938023d343 times. So if your characters get drawn but aren't kissing, tough.

I'm actually not in a bad mood at all...
*gasps* a furry artist with a life??? How weird! (JK!)
No, really, that's understandable ^.^ And I can wait. I has uber patience(sp?). ^.^


SilencedEmotions said:
*gasps* a furry artist with a life??? How weird! (JK!)
No, really, that's understandable ^.^ And I can wait. I has uber patience(sp?). ^.^

Gasp indeed. -falls asleep after a long day of socializing (lol wut?)-
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