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Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

Kit H. Ruppell

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I'm making my friend play Star Fox Adventures.


I'm a hot dog
I used a flashlight to play with the fireflies last night. They thought I was their leader and followed me around. I was a celebrity that afternoon.:)
No pictures? Sounds like fun.:D


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Not today but last night. I’ve been a anthrocon this weekend and I went to a panel called “Overcoming shyness and anxiety”

It was supposed to be an hour panel, but it turned into 7 hours, lol. Seven people were left and we just talked, shared memes, and ordered pizza. It was a great time. Now I hate that I can’t partake in the last day of the con.

Wow, that's a long panel, and it's great to hear you got to meet and talk to some people.

I've often found various panels among the best places to strike up conversations at a con, a lot cozier, and especially if it's a series of panels on, say fursuit making, or such, you keep seeing the same people, and it tends to be a more social atmosphere, after a while.


Hmmm...I have yet to do anything really fun today...it's a Monday, and that means a long, draggy day and running on a lack of sleep. I'll have to come up with something...


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
battery pack for my camera came in so I can run it off of the mains. This is great as this was the weakest link of my recording set up now it can't possibly die during my recording. HorraY! :D


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Well I wouldn’t consider it “fun” persay but I went to see Mr. Roger’s grave yesterday. It was surreal to me. He meant a lot to me as a kid, and he’s the only celebrity I cried for when he died. It was heartwarming to see the impact he made on others when I noticed all the pennies at his grave, along with a children’s book, flowers, and a Daniel Striped Tiger doll, all left by complete strangers. And then I went to see the documentary about him currently in theaters. Almost made me cry.

Currently, I have a few connections on the way home today.

One in St. Louis and one in Nashville. Originally I had a nonstop flight but since I changed it to the next day the cheapes option was to have a couple stops.

But it’s okay because I love chilling in airports, and I’m in St.Louis now currently and I’ve never been to this airport. So yay to new experience.

Roose Hurro

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Well I wouldn’t consider it “fun” persay but I went to see Mr. Roger’s grave yesterday. It was surreal to me. He meant a lot to me as a kid, and he’s the only celebrity I cried for when he died.

This is mine:



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No. Nothing comes to mind.


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Finished these. OwO


Always looking for that raw aesthetic~
Today I started drawing one of my favorite Youtube people (Pan-Pizza) and cooked something my mom used to make me when I used to live at home.


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well... i have to stay home as i need to go to doc as recent heatwaves caused few people around me to suffer from hear attack. I already had one and i don't need second one. other than this... i bough me sum new Painkiller: Hell and damnation

Deleted member 111470

I had a nice cup of espresso. In my books, that is something that makes me feel good.


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I spent my night in a hospital, where i get "drugged" to the point, that i was able to see sounds... Does this count as fun?


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
I finished a drawing then I started another one. However I decided to challenge myself and draw a non anthro. Not exactly sure how much a vampire Madame can be considered human, but it was enough to cause me to pause and scratch my head.

Yes.. you heard this right. I started drawing furries before people.

Roose Hurro

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My best friend had a colonoscopy today. Took him and his wife to the hospital, since they have no car of their own. And yet, despite this being Friday the 13th? Soon as my best friend got in the car, he checked his phone, and found a message from Vintage Oaks, a senior apartment complex. Some time ago, I helped them get on the waiting list. They presently live in a very ratty, tiny apartment... next-door to a drug dealer. Today of all days, they now have a new place to live, by mid to late August. Gated. Nurse on call. Clean. Quiet. No drug dealer neighbors. I made sure they had the money they needed so, come Monday, they'll be able to pay all the fees, set all the paperwork in order, and be done.

Long time coming.......


Chum bucket with the u
Slept most of the day as I didn't get any sleep last night due to a huge amount of reasons then played Bioshock 2 to the point where I was tired enough I kept getting jump scared by the game


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I was looking for a new dog at the shelter today for my oma. Didn't find one that'd suit her but I spent some time patting the animals, even put a cat on hold. Needa still think through things, budget for upkeep and get immediate supplies for him, but if all goes well I'll be adopting him c:.


Cyberpunk musta Susi
I slept for nearly 10 hours.

Also went to the grocery store to get some fresh bread, cucumber, ham, cheese and tomatoes.