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Dontgiveafucksexuals Fandom Members (aka Pansexual)


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Now. Before the question gets brought up, because it will, there's lots of people who aren't sure of the distinction between Bisexual and Pansexual. Basically, so far as I can tell, there are two ways people seem to differentiate between them. Don't take this too literally, because at the end of the day, you are the only person who can define your sexuality.

A: Bisexuals see male/female romantic partners and appreciate them for their expression of their maleness/femaleness (whether it's fem, butch, etc), while pansexuals don't particularly care either way.

B: Pansexuality also covers the realm of transgender, intersex, androgynous, while bisexuality sticks to the male/female genders.

Again, these things are not concrete declarations, but rather just one perspective on the bisexual/pansexual conundrum. I invite you to do your own research to answer your own questions if you have them. The internet has a fuck-ton knowledge. Don't ask a question you can't google yourself, in other words.

So.. as a self-identified bisexual, I have to say I strongly disagree with the definitions you've given.

My view on this pansexual vs bisexual spiel is that these really are the same group of people. The difference is political rather than biological. You may on occasion find bisexuals who willingly agree to be placed in the box you've assigned for them, if they don't want to date transgender or intersex people. But... well look at it this way: gay and straight people willingly date transsexuals sometimes. We don't force them to change their label over it. If you're a straight guy who crushes on an mtf, you can identify as straight and nobody will bust your chops about it (unless they're a dumbass). So why does a bisexual have to change their label? It's an odd double standard. I'm attracted to men and women and a good number of things in between. I shouldn't have to define myself for my exceptions.

Bisexual is the more well known term. Theoretically I am pansexual, but I prefer to use the term that doesn't require explaining, and doesn't make me sound a bit like a pretentious jackass.

And on the subject of pretentious jackassery... there are a few things bisexuals and pansexuals do that fall squarely into that category. One is saying "being bi or pan means not caring about genitals" and acting as if that's a more evolved way of seeing your partners. Well... I do care about genitals--quite a lot actually. You could say I'm a fan, basically. There's a larger variety I may like compared to someone who's gay or straight but it's not ambivalence on my part, I just want the whole buffet. I'm not more enlightened than anyone else. I'm a primitive, instinct following animal just like anyone else. No open mindedness needed here.


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Spatel, I think the whole thing that's been reiterated for (now) 6 pages has been that Red never intended this thread to be about semantics. My goodness, I've never seen people so fussy about two different words in my life. Call 'em cookies, call 'em biscuits, they're just as sugary sweet. If you think they're the same thing, how-dee-doo. I believe you would refer to that as a "synonym". Use it that way. Compromise reached. Yay!

However, on a personal level. I live in Arkansas, a simple place with simple views. I like people. I think that's a simple view. However, I'm put into the "bisexual" caste because that's how people see it. I'm okay with that. If someone ever said to me, "Dude, I'm pan," I'd likely reply with, "Dude, me too!" The same thing would go for bisexual, but that's because I don't really care about the semantics. I know there's a difference-- like the difference between nervous and anxious-- but essentially it doesn't matter. From a practical perspective, they're probably telling me because they're attracted to me, and nothing kills the mood quicker than a debate on semantics. If this sounds like something you'd do, and you're single, those two things may be correlated. Nevermind the fact that I'm single shut up oh my goodness.

I had a reeeaaaaaally sexual friend when I first joined this forum. Like, he joined around the same time I did, and a casual conversation with him would end up somehow coming around to his libido. He was a prominent shitposter here for a good while before the Weasyl purge, but we're not friends anymore, so I won't spout names. I was in his furry Skype group a good while. He called me asexual one day because I never seemed to actively participate whenever the conversation got even remotely sexual. I said, "Well, no, I just don't talk about these things unless I like the person that-a-way." So then he called me demisexual, which, upon admitting no knowledge of the concept, I was promptly given a link to. I read it and said, "This really kinda describes me. Kinda."

Let me sum this up. There is a lot of jargon to make this stuff complicated if you want to do that, but our society isn't ready for, nor does it wholly require a lot of terminology for sexuality. I think it's simpler to say, "Me too!" or "No preference" rather than "Demipansexual-- oh, do I need to explain that?". Conversely, there's no need to lambaste people who use these words, because the fact it upsets you thusly proves you know of the word's meaning and its intention-- meaning the word has achieved its purpose of carrying information and describing the user. Sadly, it seems everyone needs something to oppose, and I guess for some people, semantics fuel their existence...