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Free Art: Doodles Before the Forums close.

Hi all. I've never been a continuous user of the forums, but I know a lot of people have relied on them. So, to commemorate the year's end, and the forum's too, I'm offering a few free doodles of your sonas, OC's, or whatever else you may need. Assuming nothing cataclysmic happens, I plan to be around all day. To request an art piece, please just leave a reference and some kind words, or well wishes, or list something you were grateful for this passed year.

Season's Greetings to all!


Sometimes Wolf, sometimes Kjeven.
Heya, would you like to try my character? :3
This might be my last post here, but I'll always remember this nice place ^w^
Happy new year!
Thank you for this chance! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48371355/

If anything, this year, I feel brave for stepping out of my comfort zone. I've had quite a tough year and lost some friends along the way. But I've had a rush meeting new furs around me, going to fun events and just.. Doing what I like doing! I hope it all turns out better for me, next year!
And I do hope everyone else's year will begin just like I hope mine will!


Your Cantaloupine
Hi! Thanks for the chance, id like to offer my new Kinsona, Caesar <3


Remember me?
Here you are! My FA is here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chombychomp

I'm grateful for my new dog, Dudley, who's a very cute baby boy (though he's not a puppy lol), all the wonderful art I have gotten of my characters, and the charitable people who helped me and my mom when our radiator needed to be replaced out of nowhere.

Though we don't know each other, I wish you a happy new year and I hope you find success with all of your passions.
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How generous of you! I'm grateful to have been in a forum that attracted people like you! :3

My other other chars:


Taxi Driver
Oooh! I hope i'm not too late! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I hope my bunny isn't much of a hassle, and I hope you have a blessed new years!


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Oh dear, I guess we can't edit forum posts anymore, but here's to hoping that 2023 will be good for all of us. :]