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Doom and Doom-Based Games


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I don't know if a thread of this nature was posted before, but here goes!

This is a thread to discuss Skulltag (one of the best multiplayer ports for Doom and derived games out there), Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and any other Doom-based games I didn't mention.

I have all of the above games and I get on SkullTag regularly to play deathmatches and invasion mode. Don't give me a Super Shotgun, or you'll find yourself with a few new holes in your head. :cool:


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All FPS's are doom based... best one was duke nukem,.. lawl


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All FPS games aren't DooM based, seeing as Doom was far from being the first FPS
I think Snake was talking more literal about Doom based games though, games that use the same engine.


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Love em.


Engines are just something mostly used for graphic production and running, not the genre of the game



From shooting pixelated ugly aberrations to the high tech freaky space oddities in 3 .

always worth it.

Can't think of doom without thinking of Quake, though.


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I'll bet you've never heard of Rise of the Triad huh?


Also, Doom 4 is currently in development. id announced they needed devs a few weeks ago on their website.


RoTT was pretty cool but only because of the hackery in the engine; it hasn't aged as well as Doom 2 and Final imo :(

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Strife is an amazing game. I don't think we've got a game that features a society where medieval meshes with high-tech so well. A feudal, teocratic technologically advanced society known as the Order opresses the people in the name of the malevolent alien Entity.

Quite awesome. The voice actors are amazing, graphics are really good (Doom engine at it's finest), hand drawn cutscenes and character portraits all contribute to an awesome experience.

And yes, it has dialogues. And shops. And a wide selection of weapons.

Sigil for instance. Or the flamethrower. Mmmm, best and most rewarding flamethrower ever (except for the one in Fallout).

Only instance in which a similiar theme was explored are the Wizardry games, especially the Higardi in Wiz8.


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LOL, it's time for a huge bump to jokingly promote the old-ass DooM roguelike. Anyone ever try that mess? Fun, harder than hell, incredibly cheesy. And it had all the old music.


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Well, while the thread's being bumped, anyway, I should point out that Rise of the Triad, while awesome in every way, is based not on the Doom engine, but the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Epic hackery indeed.

And I'm in awe at the fact that SRB is still around. Wow.
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Quake >doom but only SLIGHTLY.
Because Doom 3 was near pitch black most of the time.

I still love all the doom games, even the first ones are some of my favorite all time games.


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Nah, Quake back in the day had muddy textures and blocky 3D models (though they actually were 3D). Compared to the graphics of Doom, they were a visual step back in my opinion, even if they animated much better. That was at a time when 3D graphics were still taking their baby steps into the mainstream (think Mechwarrior 2), and 3D acceleration was just beginning to creep onto the scene (hence there having been a special 3D accelerated version of Quake created later on down the road). Quake 2, mind you, that was a huge step forward from Doom.


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Quake is > Doom for one reason:

"[Player1] axe-murdered [Player2]"

Games need to bring back the wacky status messages.