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DOPPELFOXX | Friendly Furry/Support/Gaming Server


Two authors, two artists, two foxes
Hello! Gabriel Foxx here, co-owner of the server Doppelfoxx, a multinational furry/support server with strong friendship and community in mind - soon to celebrate it's third birthday! We're looking for those that want company, those that want to give company, or absolutely anyone who wants somewhere to hang out and have a good time with an incredibly close and dedicated community.

The server is owned by myself and my partner Jakkie Fox, and we are the authors and artists of an upcoming anthro-centric novel and episodal series The Twines, as well myself personally the author of the Pantheon of the Sun and Moon series - with prereads and special deals readily available to server members in the near future. Find us on Twitter as @Doppelfoxx!

We also play -
**Among Us**



I'm back.
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