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DotA - Defense of the Ancients


Evil Incorporated
Basically a custom map for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne found at http://www.dota-allstars.com (or direct download at http://www.getdota.com).

Anyway the question to the public. Who plays it ? >.>
I saw this thread, and JUST got it.

Setting up my account now (USWEST, Crabby_The_Frog).


Evil Incorporated
Sadly I am Europe (Northrend) so the ping on battle.Net would be awesome. Unless you can host with Pickup Listchecker. Or simply try Hamachi, which would cause some lag as well.


I baked y'all an apple pie!
The problem with DOTA is the fact that whenever you play it online, it's against the kinds of people that play DOTA... The game itself is fun, but the general community in Warcraft three has ages that can be counted on your fingers.

Sadly, I don't even have WC3 around anymore- otherwise I'd live to play with you guys. :D (Even if I prefer Tower Defense.)
Well, there's no law that says the I HAVE to make an account on USWEST.

Do I have anyone else to play with? Doubt it. And I haven't gotten it set up yet, something's up with the updater.

I'll worry about it later.


Never really did care for DoTA for some reason. Alot of the knock-offs I enjoy (Mutating Aeon and a few others who's names I can't remember. I was actually working on a similar type of map, but larger and more tactical), but with DoTA the problem was this: EVERY character was "cheap" no matter which one I chose (though the fact that everyone who plays this day-in day-out are usually the one's complaining about this while using a hero that can hit EVERYONE on the map AT ONCE), and the slightest, simplest mistake puts you SO far behind that there's no way to catch up. That, and the creeps were like "*pop-pop RUN AWAY! Heal... pop-pop HEALZ AGAIN! D:". Having to spend all my gold on potions that restore fuck-all for health just to stay alive long enough to make that gold back is retarded, as is getting a whopping 2-3 hits in on creeps before having to retreat because they're beating the shit out of me. That's not fun. Oh sure, some of you might say "UR A NUB!", but the reason they're giving me such a thrashing is because I happened to choose a melee hero and you're little pansey ass is behind me untouched and stealing all my god-damned kills. Again, not fun at all.

Oh yeah, and for a while it was impossible to find any other map being hosted because everyone, their grandma, and their dead dog was hosting it. I can understand that you like it, okay, fine. But if all my TV channels start playing "Everybody Loves Raymond" when I feel more like watching anything BUT Raymond, I'm going to get a bit annoyed.
VERY dam fun game