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I said it once before on the Warhammer 40k thread
Has the one thing a DOW intro needs, a Dreadnaught smooshing something or burning it to ash.
What was that at the end, when she says 'theirs' who does she mean

I really hope its a Tyranid swarm.


Surfing my way to victory!
I think the Tyranids would be quite a nice addition to the game. Especially since they were left out of DoW 1 (unless you include mods). Although i personally would have prefered a different Space Marine Chapter to be the lead faction this time around.


Adeptus Astartes
Yup. Seen it. o.o not much really on it yet. but its still too early to have that many new features released yet to people to know..though Beta Testing for those who got SS :S when they gonna get to it anyway? XD

Mikael Grizzly said:
I'd prefer a gameplay trailer.
Mhmm...the only thing they got closest to that is the shots within the game that have moving battles. Wanna know what the HUD is gonna look like for options and all that fancy stuff.