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Dragon artist for hire. ^^

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Im basicaly just looking for a small cash flow to help me get by so i can buy more luxuries.


Anyways, i plan to do $20 commissions. Picture drawn on a sketchpad and colored digitally in the computer. I can also do some real media but yould need to pay for the supplies for it. Price of the picture can vary depending on how complex it is. Such as a picture with 2 or more chars will cost a tiny bit more. Just depending on how much work i have to put in it. And i also suppose i can do simple sketches for a good deal cheaper. Even though i prefer fully coloring pictures.

Only problem i have is the method to transfer the money. Right now they only thing i can accept is money orders, but if yall have another method id love to know. (Not using paypal because last i checked they held the money of anyone who dabbled in adult works.)

Anyways, dont expect to much from me. Im not that good an artist so just browse my gallery and see if i can draw a picture to your liking.

Just message me in some way, whether by email, messenger, or FA note if interested. Or you can just reply to this. Im really up for anything, and will at least attempt anything you want to try.

Oh and lastly, i wont ask for the money untill the picture is done. If you want the original mailed to you, well we will work out the shipping costs. However, due to being low on money, i wont be able to send you the original peice untill i get the money for it. Just so i can pay the shipping charges.
Not open for further replies.