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dragon pin-up art/sketch tonight?


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Hi guys,

I'm in the mood for some anthro-amusement tonight so I thought I'd see if anyone would be ready to do me a sketch of my female dragon-like character within the next few hours?


You could draw her with or without horns, your choice :) Just looking for something sexy, standing pose, same outfit/hair etc, either full body or head down to the thighs. Let me know if you're interested - the most important factor is being able to complete within say 3 hours or so from now?

Thanks! :)

Miss Ninja

I would love to do this for you tonight! I do full body sketches for $10, add flats for $5. :)



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I can do this too :3 My commission guide is here; sketches are $8 up to full-color, shaded digital for $25.

I don't have to work tonight so I can definitely do it within the time limit.
Shoot me a note on FA if you're interested in my style :)
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I LOVE doing pinups and I really need some examples for my digital art--I can have it done by this evening. Fullcolor digital would be $30, or flat color for $20, or a single color digital sketch would be $10.


I'm interested in doing this! I can do a fullbody sketch ($13) , a bust sketch ($9), a shaded and colored fullbody ($30) or a shaded and colored bust ($24). Just add $3 for flat colors in a sketch piece. Please visit this page for my commission info and examples.


It's been past three hours, hell it's been days. He already found an artist and he forgot to close the thread........