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Commission Info for dragoncat-senpai -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (COMMS UNDER $5 CAN BE FOUND HERE)
dragoncat-senpai.deviantart.com: COMMISSION MASTERPOST
Below is all the types of commissions (prices, forms, and rules) I am offering currently
thank you all for your consideration





TO ORDER A COMMISSION, please comment or note me with this form filled out
Payment Method:
Type of art:
Link to character ref:
Amount of character to be drawn:
Additional specifications, preferences or comments:
Link to any peice of my art you want the drawing to have a similar style to: (optional)

Digital Drawing
(For shaded drawings, please link to one of my shaded peices so I can see what shading style you want)
Lineart Bust $5
Colored Bust $7
Shaded Bust $10
Lineart Halfbody $11
Colored Halfbody $13
Shaded Halfbody $16
Lineart Fullbody $15
Colored Fullbody $17
Shaded Fullbody $20

Digital Painting
Eyes $5
Bust $13
Halfbody $17
Fullbody $23

Traditional Drawing
(Add $2 if you want pen lineart)
Lineart Bust $5
Colored Bust $7
Lineart Halfbody $10
Pencil Shaded Halfbody $13
Pencil Shaded Fullbody $15
Pencil Shaded Fullbody $17
Digitally Colored Halfbody $11
Digitally Lineart Fullbody $13
Digitally Colored Fullbody $16
Traditionally Colored Halfbody $15
Traditionally Lineart Fullbody $17
Traditionally Colored Fullbody $20

Pixel Drawing
(Specify cell shading, fuzzy shading, or both)
Lineart Bust $5
Lineart Halfbody $7
Lineart Fullbody $10
Colored Bust $5
Colored Halfbody $8
Colored Fullbody $11
Shaded Bust $7
Shaded Halfbody $10
Shaded Fullbody $13

Flower Bust Commissions

Colored Lineart +$2(pixel art, sketches, digital drawings or lined portraits ONLY)
Shape/Gradient/Pattern/Texture Background +$1-3
Simple Background +$3-$7
Additional Character +half of the price
(Ex. Digital Lineart Bust is $5, for two characters its $7.50, for three its $10)
Simple to Draw objects are FREE
Complex objects +$1-$5
Complex Character Designs $1-3
(Ex. If your oc has 8 tails 5 wings 7 horns 50 peircings and 32 accessories, I’m charging extra, sorry.)


-You MUST pay in FULL before I will begin working on the peice.

-READ ALL THE EXTRAS AND FILL OUT THE FORM PROPERLY. If you do not do this I can not ensure you will get what you want.

-I can deny a commission for ANY REASON.

-I will draw nsfw!! go for it lmao comm me some dik

-I will most likely deny any sensitive material such as violence/abuse (this includes abusive ships in any context), self-harm, hard gore, anything representing bigoted ideals, age-gap relationships, etc. I’ll usually accept light gore and substance absuse, but I’d prefer not to draw any smoking, throat-slitting or asphyxia.

-I will NOT give a refund for any reason, besides if I outright didn’t draw your commission. If I drew you a peice you’re paying for that peice.

-I am willing to modify any peice you aren’t happy with, but time-consuming modifications may cost extra.

-I will not reference or recreate a peice someone else drew. I will also not reference someone elses art style.