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Request: Dragoness Bard Sona!

Blue Moon the Folf

Tsukuyomi Yuichi
Hello everyone!! I recently made a dragoness bard that ended up turning into a sona!! If anyone would like to draw her, I have a reference image for her face (Art was done by a friend, big bOye#3328), and her description! Both will be posted below!

Vera is a female dragon that's 5'4 in height. She has a D cup bust, and a rather athletic build. She has dark green scales, with a tan underbelly, and bright green eyes, as well as lightly curled light brown hair that part like curtains, with a large part sweeping left and covering her left eye, while on the right the curls drape around her cheeks, partially covering her right. Both sweeps end just below her shoulders. The rest is tied up in a ponytail.

Vera wears a red button-up tail coat with gold trim, a white button-up shirt, some black leggings, and some short light brown shorts, some knee-high brown leather boots. Generally she wears the shirt unbuttoned in the upper chest area to show some of her bust (mostly cleavage), and the coat unbuttoned all the way for that epic swish. Her shorts are somewhat torn/frayed at the bottom, but still fit her figure snugly to showcase the curvature of her thighs. Her boots, despite being knee-high, are thin and flexible, with laces running all the way down to the front of the ankle. Her leggings, like her boots, are thin, and help to keep her legs more defined-looking.