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Green butt of reason
Wanted to give the game a try and make some constructive criticism on it, but was turned off by the fact that it claims 1.6 GB of free space (despite looking like a game that would easily fit in 30-40 MB SWF file). So, yeah, bad optimization, work on it .з.

If judging about gameplay by trailer and walkthrough videos, it looks like a lot of ambition and heart was put into it, but if being completely honest, it's not looking very good - artwork is all over the place, level design is lackluster, the game seems to be pretty buggy even from trailer, and soundtrack... It sounds like you intentionally tried to make it sound as cacophonic and off-key as possible, it's that bad. I like what you're trying to do with it, but it needs some serious polish in one areas and complete rework in others (particularly the music). Don't consider it a personal insult - just trying to express a honest opinion on what we have here, so you could create a better game in the future by going from that (if you find this piece of criticism helpful enough, of course).
Couple of revisions I made to the title screen. Might make more adjustments.


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