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Drat is Evolving

Last month I decided to pick up a sketch book and start putting ideas down on paper seriously about what Drat would look like as realistically and accurately as I could, and I made a lot of progress. It led to a point where I ended up with something workable. I don't have a lot of drawing skill. I would need to make a model or something out of clay to be able to get the proportion really right.

One thing I stumbled upon as I was working out Drat's details was that actually, Drat has scales..... AND fur. I was trying to figure out if he had scales or fur and I had only thought fur at first because if I want to suit Drat it would be harder to create the scale texture without using 'scaly' fabric. If I can use my furring technique (which I've perfected finally) then I wouldn't have any trouble adding scales where they need to be.

Drat has some dragonesque spikes now and a different head shape too. I'm excited, actually.