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Draw the Cover Contest!

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hey everyone,

it's time again for a NEW contest! this time the contest is for Furry NOT Ninja High School # 7, due in July 2006. What I want from You all is a cover for the new issue. so here are the rules:

1) you must be on my watch list or, watching me, note me if you'd like me to watch you.

2) you can use any of the numerous characters from Furry NOT NHS, including Assrial, Jerry, leechee, Sammi, Illyanna, Kendo, Fifi, Selena , etc etc if you need sample art i will give you a link or images of the characters.

3) the image can be B&W/color and can be either a parody of a movie poster or monster movie parody ie, Godzilla as this is a monster heavy issue.

4) the person that makes the best image will win a $50 cash or, a $50 shopping spree in my online store , plus 12 copies of the issue for yourself. second place will win $25 in the online store and 3rd will win $10 , all entries will recieve a free copy of the issue however and your art will be printed inside. all entries will become the property of Alpha-Wave Productions Inc.

5) all entries must say : "Draw the cover contest " in the tag line but they will all be Faved

6) deadline is June 6th, 2006

7) have fun! and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!


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*cracks hands* I'm in, let's see what I can come up and how rusty I am on drawing My good sweet Azrial and, omg! can I draw Mimi?! ^_^
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