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Draw The Person Above You (a casual art thread!)

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The Purple Angel
Oh cool.
This looks pretty fun and I need some more art to put up on my FA account.

Here's my info:


Name: Shinji
Species: purple skunkette
Gender: Female
Height: 5’1"
Hair: blue - short, spikey, boyish hair [almost buzzed] with two long stands on each side of the front as apposed to bangs
Eyes: brown
Fur: candy purple with a white elipse shape on her forehead, white starts under her chin and goes down her front like a one piece bathing suit. she has one tail stripe that begins in the small of her back [where her tail starts] and continues along the upper half of her tail. also her ears curve in and the insides are white. nose and pads are black.
Other: right eyebrow is pierced, left monroe, center libret. both ears are pierced.
Clothing: either red or black collar with spikes and a red heart shaped tag.
any fitted t-shirt - black or any bright color with some type of picture on it [example: mushrooms, halloween, faveorite bands, video games, ect.]
default shirt for the uncreative: bright yellow with a ddr arrow pointing down with a swastika in the middle of the arrow
big wide pants either jean or black. at times a bow of sorts can be tied around the base of her tail.

Now then
-looks at the fur up top of her-
I'll draw you while I wait ^^


The Conmarten
I love the MythBusters, so I'll have a go at drawing 'em furry style. May take me a bit as the semester's just starting up...but I do have Tuesdays and Thursdays basically free.

Character Refs:
Madame Full Body
Madame Head Shot

Name: Madison "Madame" Eyes
Species: Pine Marten
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5"
Hair: None, just a tuft of fur longer than the rest that's the same color
Eyes: Gray
Fur: Russet red with dark brown on her ears, feet, muzzle, tail and hands/arms up to her elbows; white markings on throat, chest and stomach
Other: Ears are in tatters, walks with a cane in right hand (damaged right leg), has a long canine tooth on the left side of her mouth that sticks out below the lip, also has a third eye in the middle of her forehead that is covered by a black bandanna, is from the medieval era
Clothing: Yellowish, long-sleeved shirt with a v-neck and wide sleeves that are held up by two sets of black bangles; matching choker with a blue, oval-shaped gem in center; multi-colored, mid-length skirt held up by a long black sash


Ah, this is my Character ref:


Name: Magnus
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Height: 1.77cm
Eyes: Snow white
Fur: No fur, but purple gradient scales
Other: Always wears a necklace of an heart or crown.
Clothing: As long as its black complaints wont be made. tho mostly its goth like clothes.


MSPicasso Maestro
Retaliation! Try and blow me up with dynamite will you?



Is worse then WEEGEE
who's going to draw me then?

(im kidding...no really who?)



Is worse then WEEGEE
.....oh waaaa....

wiat did i just make a-ARF ARF ARF ARF!


Hiya everyone. It has been a while. I was wondering if anyone is up for drawing a pic of Axel Wolf or Earth Lion? I put the refs on a board I created. Please and thanks!
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