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Draw the poster above you thread


Beanstalk Giant
-hug attacks illogical- hehehe I feel like drawing a macro ferret ^M^ ...will draw ...after I take out the trash -gives a dorky grin as a flying pickle floats by-

*Watches quizzically* Ok.....*pounces a pickle*
:3 here it is a drawing for illogical


Nice, hellivina. The poster above me has not icon. And I can't see what the fursona is one the FA page so I'll draw this.

It's confusing, I know. I don't really have a fursona so I haven't got anything people can draw. I really should put a "don't draw me, draw the person above me instead" disclaimer at the end of my posts, but I forget to do so every single time.

For Bir

to the person below me
Don't draw me, draw Falconpunch above me instead.
Haha! I didn't expect anyone to ever draw her! XD


FAF's #1 Terrorist

For WillowWulf

Artnapping Zeddish and Hellivina_Khaos as well.

To the person below me
Don't draw me, draw the person above me instead.
I've been drawn in several different ways :3
I'd have to say this is a very accurate version of Willow
thnks ^^