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Draw the poster above you thread


Just trying to keep this thread alive.


She looks great! I have to say your heavy avatar is really cute, too.

(Skip this post and draw GravoxT-Rex )


Destabilized Orectolobiform
Dibs on Fennex.

[EDIT] I'm pretty sure this is both 1. fully out of character (sorry) and 2. hilarious to draw anyways.

I do not have refs, but if the next person doesn't want to swim upthread or do draw Fennex again, do a superb bird of paradise (anthro or feral).
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Rude Camera

A quick doodle for Ms. Deovacuus. (Think of it as payback for your doodle, I'm about a year late though, sorry)

I don't really have a character, but if you would like to draw something, you could try this guy? (Drawn by... oh wow, would ya' look at that?) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4181828
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