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Draw the poster above you thread



If anyone wants to draw Ziska, thanks - she's in my signature


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aw I love it! Thank you!! It is 3am here but I will try and draw you this weekend.

(Anyone who sees this can draw the person above me if they want instead of me. ;) )


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I am so sorry with how horrible the quality of my camera is. I can scan it tuesday, probably, if you'd like. I am also sorry about the style, I'm not good with horses in general :C


Ironically, My main fursona is a horse. Unfortunately, I have yet to have a good picture of him. His name is Drummer, and he is a black Shire Horse(type of bigger draft horse), with brown eyes and a white blaze/stripe from his nose to his forehead. His mane and tail are dark gray. If you do decide to do more of him than his head, he has white "socks" on his legs and arms. If needed, he can just be wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.
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