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Draw your sona with your favorite plushie Meme


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This is something I've been wanting to post for like a week! I haven't made my drawing yet but I plan on making it soon.

What are you supposed to do?

Draw your fursona with your most sentimental plushie. Mine is from my childhood that I still sleep with.

You can get creative with it too. You can make your plush a simple toy or you can give it life like a second character!

Remember to have fun. :3


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Artist is Skychickens. The winged ferret necromance with the cheap, cute art. :3
Still sleeping with the little guy to this day. :p

Grimm Hund

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Aww... Okay, this actually sounds super super cute, but I don't have the money or artistic talent. :( I'd have to try a request.