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Drawing and Painting Vidio Tutorials


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what it says on the tin. Not for streams or podcasts, but feel free to share directional and informational (maybe Q n A?) videos that can pertain to anthro art.

I mostly watch realistic than stylised tutorials, would love to know more animal/anthro focuse ones out their

Here are a few off the top of my head

His whole channels awesome, wish there where more like them(FYI he's worked some lil' animated flicks like lion king and brother bear )

Got more to add in a bit


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Was this and another artist vid where colour theory click with me
I'd say jump straight into sketching skulls\rocks as I found landscapes/trees intimidating to draw and time constraints aren't so nessesary, but otherwise good vid.
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this guy's channels packed with info if a touch watered down at points. Good for background info.