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Request: Drawing expressions for my character!


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Hello again, fellow furs~! ✨ Yesterday I made a request for my character Kubu that simply stated that I was open to receiving any SFW or NSFW art you could imagine for them, but I understand it can be hard to start putting paint on canvas (digital or traditional) without a more specific prompt. Expression charts are priceless when it comes to developing a character, so I was thinking we could start there.

Six months since creating the character was when I felt comfortable enough with Kubu's design and looks to create a full-on expression chart for them. Unfortunately, free time is very limited given college studies, work, and the many other aspects of adulting, so I could really use some help and creative thinking.

If you're up for it, pick an expression from one of these two charts to draw out for Kubu! "Happy" and "Flirty" have already been done by me.

https://www.deviantart.com/napalmnacey/art/25-Essential-Expressions-55523083 (SFW Expression Chart)
http://crush-the-wolf.deviantart.com/art/Sex-Face-Meme-male-and-female-159398495 (NSFW Expression Chart)

And some more expressions that came up: Shy/bashful, in serious pain, crying in joy & sadness, and teary-eyed.

If it's allowed that I post your work on my pages, I'll make sure to properly credit you through links. Of course, I don't expect every item to be fulfilled through requests- But it'd be more than appreciated if it somehow ends up complete!

Please let me know if you have any questions about Kubu's appearance or other aspects, and as always thank you for your time and dedication~! ⭐

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