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Drawing Feral Characters


Hey I've been havin' a hard time of finding feral characters to practice drawing so if you have one you'd like to get some kind of free art out of, post their refs and personality n if youd like em to look anyway specific feel free to tell me

idk what style it'll be in, it might be chibi or pixel or serious art, you're just gonna play roulette here

If you're interested in what it might look like, check out my FA account here I got a couple of feral things up there already.

I don't guarantee nothin'

theyre all linked to the posts on fa
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If you're willing to give my dragon a try, I would love that please.
Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14184781/
His personality is on the ref sheet but to reiterate:
Shooting Star's older brother.
12 earrings on each ear (24 in total)
Very thin
Supposed to look androgynous, leaning more towards feminine
Always wears star earring
Doesn't wear shoes.
Wears bandages around neck and left arm usually.

Very calm
Chronic liar
Is fire can be either normal colored or light blue

Star earring hangs from the left ear and is not optional
12 earrings on each ear are not optional

Thank you for the consideration and opportunity.


Your Local Neighbourhood Centaur
O: You have some really nice art! :D
Maybe consider my feral wolf character called the Arctic Sage?
Reference 1 Reference 2

He is quite a calm, mysterious character, who doesn't like to speak much. He keeps to himself, and at times can be highly unpredictable. His hood normally covers his eyes, but sometimes one of his eyes are peeking through.

Thank you so much if you decide to draw him! uvu
If your still drawing you can have some fun with my OC.
Ref: profile pic
Little to know: he's a covert/black op soldier for Equestria. He primarily uses swords and teleportation and loves wearing the cloak. Swords don't have to be drawn in.