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Too depressed to talk. :(


Hey guys! So, I'm looking for someone to draw my fursona Hiromi. Hiromi is a Honshu wolf with yellow eyes (like down below).

He always carries a Golden Revolver either in his pocket or in his right hand, and his main duty is to terminate robots (like this one).

You can add the robot in the picture but it is entirely optional as well as the Kanji on the right side.

I know many of you are great artists but I know a few of you don't like to work for free. So, my suggestion is if you draw my fursona then I'll be willing to draw yours ENTIRELY for free. Now a days I draw in pen and ink. So, if you want a free commission, here's your chance to ask now. If you go to my DA gallery, then you can see what I can and can't draw: Opheliathwolf on DeviantArt

The inks which I currently have are black,red,orange,leaf green, spinach green, indigo, and purple.

I don't care on how bad of an artist you are. I love getting art from others and I'll really appreciate it. If you have any questions please just pm me. If you are interested, please just comment below (this includes your fursona request and my fursona artwork).
Thanks and have a nice day,