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Drawing for yourself or others

Well ever since I started drawing I've noticed that every time I try to draw for myself (like my own characters and such) it never turns out right and I end up trashing it, but any time I draw for other people I can usually make a pic I like in about two or three tries (hence why my gallery is full of requests and barely any of my own characters). I'm not sure why its like that though. So my question is do any you guys feel the same way or do you draw better with your own characters?


evolution's cruelest joke
I sometimes think I draw better for customers. Being under pressure is probably a factor.


Built for Sin!
I usually get a healthy dose of both. :]

But I think it's a subconscious thing with drawing for other people, you want them to remember who you are/thank you/be appreciative, so you tend to aim a bit higher than normal. Just a thought?