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Drawing programs


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I use Medibang Paint a lot, which is similar and in connection with Fire Alpaca. Most of the illustrations in my gallery are actually that program I use, since I'm too poor to get something like Photoshop, SAI or Clip Paint Studio (though Clip Paint I REALLY do want someday because it's used by a lot of amateur and pro Japanese artists). The only downside to Medibang is if you want to write a manga, you have to sign up at their website in addition to getting other things in it. Though, Fire Alpaca solves that.

Otherwise, I just like drawing with paper and pencil for doodling and sketches. For manga works, I prefer working the traditional method of pen and ink and screentones.


I use Procreate which is an iPad app only program me thinks and costs bout 10$, and medibang which is free for tablet n' PC (with some conditions in terms of service) which's from the same creators of fire alpaca and a fare bit more in depth that fa.
Same here with Procreate. I love using it.


Clip Studio Paint! Like they say it's more inexpensive than Photoshop and Sai and have a lot of options :) I use it for both digital paint and comics. But, I also keep my sketchbook with me all the time and practice with pen and paper everyday :)


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I just started with digital art so I'm currently using Krita because it is free, I really like it, the are various brush options and they are customizable and it doesn't lag in my laptop unlike PS. I tried MediBang but idk why I didn't like it.
I used to use GIMP for image editing but now I use PS because I do videos in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects so it's a lot better to maximize compatibility. I also use Illustrator like twice a year, in my case it's mostly for opening AI files.
I downloaded a trial version for Clip Paint Studio and I gotta say it is gorgeous, I feel the lines I do with my tablet (Wacom Intuos Draw, from the previous generation) are cleaner than in Krita without having a stabilizer-like feel, and there are so many default brush options. I think, when I feel more comfortable about digital art, I might purchase CPS in a sale.

I love doing stuff in traditional. My favorite tools are Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, they blend incredible but it's kinda difficult to maintain a sharp point so I use cheaper, harder pencils for details. I also enjoy using chalk pencils, graphite, and I'm learning how to use gouache, and I'd like to try ink someday.


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When I first tried digital art I used GIMP before gradually shifting into Paint Tool SAI. I have Autodesk Sketchbook on my iPad and my phone, but now my main drawing digital drawing program is Procreate. I have yet to fully dive into the Concepts app, but Procreate was worth the $10.

Traditional art was my first love so I can never leave it behind. I primarily use watercolor and 140lb cold-pressed paper. Sakura Koi and Windsor & Newton Cotman paints are what I used the most. Working my way up to a set of Holbein watercolors I’ve been eyeing for almost a year.