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Free Art: Drawing Requests: OPEN - Read rules! [ENDS MAY 28TH]


Be not afraid!
Doing some drawing to practice facial expressions!!

✧ Watch me: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ambriel

✧Comment w/ a character you want me to draw and a ref for them; They can be human, furry, feral, w/e you want, but be sure to include an expression and a palette from below


tumblr noijcv9Phx1twdhawo1 1280

✧Event ends May 28t-- I'll be drawing these on the 29th

✧ These will be selected at random; Check out my post on twitter for another chance! https://twitter.com/RabbitFo11ower/status/1391446389893353476

These are free; You can stop here if you want a chance for a free drawing, but if you donate points or money, you're guaranteed a drawing! If you donate $2 USD, I will sketch out your request. Donate $5, and I will clean the sketch and give you a line art. Donate $10 USD or more, and I'll color and shade your request. These will be headshots or chibis. Alternatively, all new patrons are guaranteed a request, so check out my patreon if you're into that: www.patreon.com/Followingthera…
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Ashley Ya

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Hello! Can I request one? This is my oc btw and I'd like 7G because it's really cute and pallets day by day. This is the ref of the oc. You can open her mask!


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Oh, Ambriel! I remember you! I really love your artwork! :) It’s been a while, and I unfortunately lost track of the pm I sent you all that time ago... I’ve been meaning to get back to you about a commission, but I lost track. :’)

If you’re accepting requests for all types of characters, then I think I’ve got an OC I’d love to see you draw! I hope you’ll like drawing my half dragon, Sunngifu. I’d like to see her with the 1C expression, and the ‘Existence’ palette.


I may be looking to donate, though! I’ll go ahead and drop something on your Patreon, just as a bit of a ‘I’m sorry’ for being forgetful. XP

Edit: Turns out I couldn’t leave you a note or anything once I subscribed to your Patreon, but my Patreon username is Much Undertale, So Spaghetti. ~
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