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Free Art: Drawing some bovines for lunar new year (ALL DONE!!)


4-tailed kitsune
I drew on twitch... so you can have this cropped screenshot until I can actually take pictures again @___@ sorry


4-tailed kitsune
line (ish)
1) RollerRobert (DONE I just need to get them an actually good picture once that's possible)
2) Fearlesstiger (they asked sooner even if they got their picture after checking)
3)Sharp Unforgiven
If I missed you please say so
so currently 5 actual drawings to still do.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
@Kingman I'm cool with that. Neat design. It may be slow if you haven't guessed. Also as seen above, I'm having all kinds of trouble with my phone, but hope to get through these EVENTUALLY! : )
No worries. Take your time. And thank you so much.


4-tailed kitsune
I again fell into not feeling like doing any of this (you've probably seen it happen with me and art before.. well art and everything I guess), but I said I would so I still want to try to eventually when I feel okay doing so again.. so hopefully you'll see stuff eventually .. even if it's a bit later. I still don't have a phone camera again anyway. I'll keep you updated if I get stuff done. I won't take any new ones but still am hopefully I'll make myself do the existing ones at some point.