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Hi guys! I'm doing a great offert to celebrate the opening of my FA account.
For the first three who presents themselves I'll do a sketch with flat colors of a character of your choice.
Please, present youself in a nice manner, tell me something about yourself.
For example, comment of a single word will be ignored.
Bring it on! :D


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Oh wow thanks for offering! Here's my little bobcat character. She doesn't have a name yet, but she has a personality lol.

She's the weird, offbeat artsy type who is always on high alert, kind of like me.


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Hello there,
My Fursona is a housecat-lynx mix that is tiger-striped.
My Fursona resembles me in some way so there is really nothing special about it just a normal cat guy.

I have a refference but sadly it does not feature a hairstyle i have given to my fursona a while ago,
there is a picture featureing the hairstyle though.

tell me something about yourself.
I joined FA about a year ago and I consider myself a part time furry.
Basically i am a furry since around 3 years though. I am a huge fan of the whole anthro idea because if it is executed well it can lead to amazing characters and storys, comics etc...
Other then that I am just a normal everyday person.

You probbaly also want to know why i am writing on this request thread so... I am currently running low on my furry-pocket due to commissioning a pack of telegram stickers,
also I had a peak at your Deviant Art and it looks like you have got a lot of potential. And I enjoy recieving some artwork I can look at and think "That looks awesome"

So if you are interested in drawing my character here are two refferences.
-Refference sheet for the body: www.furaffinity.net: Storok Ref by Storok
-Hairstyle Refference: www.furaffinity.net: Skylines are <3 by Storok

It would be super awesome to recieve a drawing by you!
Thank you for the chance.


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Welcome to FA! I'd love for my werewolf guy to be considered:
www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet by featherw0lf

I'm just a guy who loves art but sadly can't afford commissions so I tend to jump at every free art opportunity that pops up. Art makes me happy. :3

My character is a big dork who tends to annoy easily but loves having a good time.

Thanks for the chance!