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Dread Husky

Dread Husky

Just another nobody...
I may change this around or add some things as I see fit but so far it's good for now...

Dread Husky
Nicknames: Dread, Husky, DH, Gothy
Age: 21
D.O.B: July 12, 1989
Signs: Cancer and Snake
Height: 5'4"
Weight/build: Around 150-160/a few extra pounds (plantigrade legs/feet)
Appearance: See ref sheet
Species: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female
Orientation: Confused, possible lesbian
Status: Single

Personality: Fairly anti-social, quiet, extremely shy, loner (to some extent), short-tempered, stubborn, moody, serious/'no-nonsense', paranoid, untrusting, moody, loyal, clingy, lazy, unorganized, etc. Others have said that I can be dark, ominous, mysterious, forbidding, and severely hot-headed.

What I consider myself: A Juggalette, a furry, a tomboy, possibly goth and emo as well.

Clothing style: Baggy (mostly blue) jeans and (mostly black skull) t-shirts (I wear mostly mens clothing which sometimes gets me confused for a guy). And when i'm not at home or work i'm always seen wearing a ball chain necklace.

Skills: Hurr...sleeping? :B
Weaknesses: My temper and heart. Also i'm not a fighter.
Occupation: If Dread had one it would most likely be something like a spree killer due to my love of serial killers and horror movie slashers. c:

Likes: Horror movies, drawing, reading, writing, sleeping, bad omens, superstitions, the supernatural, skulls and bones, anything dark and scary, graveyards, mythology, peace and quiet, hugs/cuddles/affection from a close few friends, video games, etc.

Dislikes: Large crowds, 'chick flicks', not getting enough sleep, being disturbed while sleeping or eating, large crowds, rude/annoying people, day time, hot or cold weather, being hungry, unwanted touching from anyone I don't like/know, etc.

Favorite quote:
"Bloody Hell"
Favorite foods: Hamburgers (with ketchup, mustard, onion, and ocassionally pickles and cheese), chicken (especially fried or strips), cheese, fries, shrimp, onion rings, tuna, spaghetti, pizza (with ranch dressing), etc.
Favorite drinks: Mountain Dew Voltage, Vanilla Coke, Cream Soda, Root Beer, etc.
Favorite desserts: Ice cream (cookies and cream, cake batter), cookies (oreos), vanilla cupcakes, etc.
Favorite movies: The Unborn, The Crow, 30 Days of Night, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Repo Men, The Dark Knight, The Punisher, etc.
Favorite game: Zombie games (Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil), Alan Wake, etc.
Favorite books: The Ice Man, Every Dead Thing, The Strain, The Woods Are Dark, etc.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite weather: Rainy
Favorite season: Fall/Autumn
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Favorite band: HIM
Favorite song: Wicked Game (Especially the covers by HIM and Adam Gontier).

Theme song: Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park

Friends: None
Significant other: None
Enemies: None
Relations: None



Why did you choose your fursona?
Huskies were my favorite dogs as a kid and still are.

How long have you had your fursona?

Not sure. I think since I was 13 years old but I could have been younger when I created her. So...around 7+ years? Though she spent a lot of time in my 'character closet' while I switched from fursona to fursona but I always came back to her.

How did you come up with your fursona?
I think she was a result of all those Disney movies with talking animals that I watched as a kid, and she started off as a quad husky until I discovered anthro art.

Is your personality like that of your fursonas species?

Huskies are said by some to be independent so that fits, but they are also active/high energy and social too which i'm not. So...kinda?
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Recycled words
I can't believe this has no replies yet...

Aweosme fursona, very in depth, I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed reading it, somewhat lost for words.

If you're much like your fursona, I reckon you'd be great to be around.

How true to you are all the little details?


Cute fursona!

Dread Husky

Just another nobody...
Ah, 100% then since she's supposed to represent me, but I might end up changing my species again. :x