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Lillie Charllotte

Utsukuchiku no yagi.
If anyone can help is it possible to make dreads from yarn and/or other things.
And any tutorial on how to make it.
Google fails for me.


I know that there's a nice type of yarn called mammut, that if you cut it right it kind of looks like dreads, but the tutorial I saw that used it was for making doll wigs. xD;; But I'm sure you could use yarn to make dreads for a suit.

Not sure how much help it'll be or if it'll even work with a non-member, but here's the doll tutorial. Maybe it'll give you a few tips/ideas. :) http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=214380&highlight=dreadlocks


Big fat worm monster
you can attach the yarn first (not sure how to do that part, because I've only ever done dreads for dread falls), then braid it together, then wrap more yarn around it.
There's also wool roving, which can be felted (you take the roving, put it into some warm soapy water leave it there for a short while, then take a towel and rub it together sort of in circles), then there's also synthetic hair (here's a good tutorial on how to turn that into dreads:http://delicstutorials.livejournal.com/1752.html)