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Dream Journal



We all have weird funny dreams, sometimes they are completely bizarre and pointless, sometimes they leave quite an impression on us and sometimes we just forget about em a few minutes after waking up.

I propose we post an interesting dream once in a while, we might learn more about ourselves or we might end up getting one of those "I had a dream about this exact same scenario!"


I'll start:
Last night I had a dream where I had a youtube channel dedicated to reviewing Gundam figures. Then I somehiw ended up in the bathroom pulling my own teeth out of my mouth.

So, what was your latest dream about?
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aka Cutter Cat
I can't tell you. I dreamed a Furry related dream that is an awesome book plot that I think I'll write. It has an amazing twist, too.

I did have a dream a few weeks ago that I was a feral Sabertooth stalking something in the deep woods.


Blue frog
In tonight's dream, I was able to do twists, backflips and all sorts of acrobacies in the air, without touching the ground, so I was flying; all I needed was to stay moving. I'd do that in the garage of my parents' house, on a rainy night, where lightning sparks would hit a random bucket once in a while.

A few peeps from the school period, dressed in android-ish armors, would appear, and one of them asked me to raise his children, to which I declined.

The scenery would change often. I remember going from the garage to a TV show with an audience, standing beside a very ashamed rapper that laughed out loud after figuring a mistake in his lyrics. I'd leave that place (flying) and end up in a shopping mall... and from this point it's all blurred.


I dreamt the FAF opened up a swimming pool and I was wearing a Knights Templar helmet while swimming. I got into arguments with people on the forums and later in my dream I was living in a mansion where each of my dogs had their own room and human sized bed.

Do not eat homemade birthday cake frosting made by your little sister before going to sleep guys.


Just woke up from a pretty weird dream. I don't remember how it started but the last half was about me tearing down a wall in my room only to discover that there was another room behind it. This place was a long T shaped room decorated like a children's birthday party. The place had unfinished bathrooms, clown paintings in the walls and jigsaw patterns in the floor.

What's the meaning behind this? Maybe I ate too much clown before going to bed

Sven Solitude

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Reveving another interesting topic! <3

This night a few weird things happaned in my dream. A neighbour on the other side of the street placed two beds on the sidewalk, right in front of his house. And then he and his wife slept there.
Then, far away on the village square, I believed there was some kind of festival. From there, I saw a flying wheelchair with two seats, with a very old couple sitting on it (a man and a woman). The wheelchair was flying with only 10 - 15 balloons attached to it! They had no control over it and flew in every direction, flying around the whole village and even into various houses. I have two doors on my balcony and they flew into my apartment at one point and then left from the other door. They didn't care at all, they were just smiling and didn't even look at me or other people. Only minding their own business, haha. It didn't make sense that the two-seater wheelchair would fit through a door, but it was normal in the dream.
After they were gone, I looked what the neighbours with the two beds were doing. They probably placed two more beds while I wasn't looking, but this time on the middle of the street! Now having a total of 4 beds outside of their house. The man was still sleeping in his bed. And I assume that the two new beds are for their kids.

Then I woke up and I was just like:


Joy Boi
I don't know if this was a dream or not. But i distinctly remember seeing myself sleeping.. that or i was really sleepy xD


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
I was in a hyper realistic game. Basically mocked real life. No glitchy game models, everything was indistinguishable from reality. The only reason I knew it was a game, was because I was communicating with others as I tried to solve the puzzle/mystery.

It was fairly early on, and I took on the role of some kind of performer/actor and went to get dressed. That's when I noticed, through the crack of my closet door, a white cuff and a human hand. Someone was watching me. I basically found an additional enemy within the campaign who had perverted and bloodthirsty intentions, so I asked if we could reset and get something not as traumatizing or intense for a newbie like me.

New game starts and the same guy is a random civilian I need to interact with, but I can't treat him like he's a murderer/suspect because it's a completely different game, right? Is he always geared towards murder or do behaviors swap between NPCs randomly?

Everyone hesitated and struggled to give me a clear answer.

Stray Cat Terry

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Meeting a friend (who I never recognized in real life) and end up getting... um... I'll leave it to viewers' creativity.

That was my most recent remember-able dream, and it really happened later in real life--except the appearance of that being didn't match the dream.

Oh well... A foreseeing dream, I guess?


Joy Boi
Had a not so good dream recently, felt left and alone and just dread, left in a cold place feeling like I was spinning out of control in an endless void.


A fox named Ridley
You know those dreams where you forget to do an assignment, but when you wake up you realize that assignment never existed?
I had something like that. IRL I've been selling some of my old belongings on eBay. Last night I dreamt that someone bought something from me, but I didn't ship it because it was something abstract.


Joy Boi
I had a weird dream abut my crush and his boyfriend and there was lots of sadness and I think I might have died?


Joy Boi
I loved that show as a kid, still do. The idea of your dreams being real and being able to explore them is really awesome. I wish to learn how to like Lucid dream, being able to do whatever i wanna do. thats awesome.


Where to next? Adventure.
I have plenty of my own dream journal jots but I feel like I should mention these recent ones: •1 I was at the doorway of my bedroom, and I suddenly either exited my body or summoned a duplicate of myself directly in front of me. I chose to hold him/myself up because it seemed he/I was about to fall over. I could even feel the hairs on the body (he/I was shirtless), then I became "single" again
• Also I took a nap/slept within the dream (dream-ception?)
  • 2 It was like a cross between D&D and real life, as I was at a store like a Walgreens while wearing gauntlets
  • When I looked across an isle, a cloaked hooded figure showed up, face hidden
  • I said "Who are you?" while preparing my fists
  • 3 I was laying in a desert during nightime along with my sis and some other guy, it was near pitch black
  • I looked up and saw a huge white light/orb, not sure if the moon or something else, then I felt and heard three high pitched chimes/rings, I also felt spiritual vibrations
  • 4 I later came across a kind guy who goes by "Mumflr" in our D&D group on Discord, and he led me to a door with the number 4 on it, and in the room was a few other people including Yooka from Yooka-Laylee, and some computers. "Mumflr" said I can stay there as long as I needed and play a game on a computer.
  • I then felt my body getting an odd pins-and-needles sensation and saw my hands fading/phasing, I thought I was passing over/dying. I panickedly said "Y-Yooka?"
  • Yooka then put his hands on my face and maybe caressed me, I then "woke up"
  • Me and Yooka met in a room somewhere (a classroom? Cafeteria?), and I asked him if he had a dream recently and asked him what it was. He says it was about putting his hands on someone's face, and I surprisedly told him that his is the same as mine. Both of us then said "F**k yeah that's awesome!" at the same time, he then prompted another "F**k yeah that's awesome!", and we went somewhere to chat
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“D a t t e b a y o”
I had a dream where a bunch of robots just fell into the fiery pits of hell


Joy Boi
I HAVE A DREAM! A dream that people on the internet stay to their own communities and dont do stupid shit on the internet. Seems like a lot of work to me tbh.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
Dated September 2018
Three boys went scuba-diving in search for a weird round stone structure underneath the surface of the sea. Before they dove there was like a shot of one of them in a chair in a dark damp corridor, motionless, while sobbing noises could be heard, and it foreshadowed that they would all commit suicide.

After a short struggle against streams of muddy water, they arrived in the weird place. The main room was empty. At the end of it, there was a row of smoked windows; it looked like there was water outside but it was more luminous than shown at the exterior. As one of the boys stood by the windows, a small, deformed hand suddenly gripped his wrist. He turned to see that the hand was not attached to a body, but to a worm-like stump that looked like it was made of roasted chicken; it had several points of articulation. They crushed it with a brick. It kept moving in the same way as insects do after they die.

They noticed an open door in the same direction, and decided to investigate. In the next room (where the row of windows continued) the same sort of creatures swarmed on the ground and walls; atrophied fragments of human bodies attached to worm-like stumps. I don't know why the boys then went to the small room at the other end of that room; it was dark due to not having any window; there were bigger similar things there but it's like they couldn't get out of that narrow space and you couldn't see them clearly. Some of them had the shape of torsos with heads.

It cut to a black and white movie which apparently served as an explanation of what was found there. It showed a busy street where giant creatures like the ones they had seen were crawling and chasing after pedestrians dressed like in the 1950s. One was a bald human head the size of a car, it looked lacerated and I think it shrieked, with its tongue out. It was probably implied that whatever they were trying to accomplish in this place had failed horribly. The end.


Joy Boi
I had this dream the other night and it was sorta strange. It was like a video game (mechanic wise) but it felt real and looked real and had real inputs. I was a survivor of some zombie thing, running from em. Had to find a place to make a base. I got to the point where I was making like tents and things when the first wave came and I cried and woke up xD