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"Dream Kissa" adopts!

How much would you pay for customs? ♥

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New Member
Hi there! I'm Alsatian, you can call me Angel!
I'm new to these forums and I am looking to find a good price range and to sell some cute Dream Kissa (Dream Cat) and thus, I am starting with an Auction!
I will only be selling a handful, about 10-15, and would love to make some people happy <3​

Currently only available through Furaffinity.​

The first one is Plum!
SB: US$15
MI: US$2
AB: US$30
Ends: 2 weeks [ Jan. 9, 2019]​


♥ No watermark and full size piece will be given to winning bid
♥ Payment through PayPal only
♥ Terms of Service:
www.deviantart.com: ToS - Terms of Service
♥ Merry Christmas!